Digital TV News: John Casey unveil Playmigo, multiscreen made simple
Jun 21, 2017 – has announced the release of its casting solution, Playmigo. The SaaS and technology platform enables OTT video providers to cast their content to almost any connected TV device without the need to develop and deploy TV apps.
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MaxLinear Tuners Used for ATSC-M/H Mobile TV Field Trials
Aug 31, 2010 – MaxLinear (NYSE: MXL) has announced that its MxL111SF ICs are being used in mobile devices from Dell Inc. and Hauppauge Computer Works that were developed for the ATSC-M/H field trials now ongoing in Washington, D.C.
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Auvitek's AU8522 Demodulator IC Drives Hauppauge's HVR-950q PC-TV Solution
Jan 10, 2008 – Auvitek International has announced that Hauppauge (NASDAQ: HAUP) has selected Auvitek's AU8522 ATSC/QAM/NTSC demodulator for use in its WinTV HVR-950q PC-TV USB stick.
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