Digital TV News: Lawrence Brickman

Accedo TV app store adds RDK device support
Apr 28, 2014 – Accedo has announced an integration of Accedo Application Sphere®, Accedo’s TV app store management solution, for use on Reference Design Kit (RDK) devices.
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HickoryTech Deploys CloverLeaf's TV App Store & Apps
Oct 18, 2011 – CloverLeaf Digital has announced that HickoryTech (NASDAQ: HTCO) has launched CloverLeaf's AppDaily TV apps solution. With AppDaily, providers of IPTV and other managed TV services have a solution for offering apps to their video subscribers.
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Consolidated Launches CloverLeaf's TV Apps Solution
Sep 20, 2011 – CloverLeaf Digital has announced that Consolidated Communications has launched CloverLeaf's AppDaily TV apps solution. CloverLeaf's television apps solution includes an app store, a personalized quick-access dashboard, and over 40 apps.
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CloverLeaf and Minerva Deliver IPTV Interactivity to Independent Telephone Companies
Jun 29, 2009 – CloverLeaf Digital and Minerva Networks have announced that Pineland Telephone Cooperative in Georgia and WT Services in Texas have launched CloverLeaf's interactive television services on IPTV systems supported on Minerva iTVManager middleware.
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Nokia Siemens Networks Launches Next Generation IPTV Solution to Focus on Platform Openness and Interactivity
Nov 12, 2008 – Nokia Siemens Networks is putting the power of bringing advanced IPTV applications and services in the carriers' hands with its latest IPTV software release, Home Entertainment Release 3.0.
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