Digital TV News: SiTune

SiTune Unveils Mobile DVB-T CMOS SoC Exceeding MBRAI Specification
Mar 31, 2010 – SiTune has announced a mobile DVB-T receiver SoC. The STN-10R3000 is a demodulator plus multi-band RF tuner in a single die with a small foot print, that delivers signal reception in all modes of the DVB-T standard especially in 64 QAM modulation.
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SiTune Corporation Secures Series B Financing with Greenlane Investments
Dec 3, 2009 – SiTune Corporation has announced that it has secured its Series B financing with current investor Greenlane Investments LLC. SiTune will use the proceeds of the new financing for ramping production and grow its international sales infrastructure.
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SiTune Unveils Mobile DVB-T Demodulator Exceeding MBRAI Specification
Oct 19, 2009 – SiTune has announced a state of the art and revolutionary mobile DVB-T demodulator IC. STN-10D3000 is a highly integrated mobile DVB-T demodulator that exceeds MBRAI performance specification with excellent Doppler performance.
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SiTune Unveils New Series of Digital and Universal CMOS TV Tuners
Sep 23, 2009 – SiTune has announced its STN-10T2000 and STN-25T2000, respectively ZERO-IF and LOW-IF Tuners, that exceed A/74 performance specification for ATSC-MH while supporting other digital/analog terrestrial and Mobile TV standards requirements.
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SiTune lunches lowest-power universal mobile TV silicon Tuner
Sep 15, 2008 – SiTune Corporation has announced a state-of-the-art hybrid (universal) CMOS TV tuner. STN-25T1000 is a highly integrated tuner that exceeds all of global digital and analog TV standard requirements for under 150 mW.
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