Digital TV News: Steve Kim

Goke Microelectronics licenses Chips&Media video codec IP
Oct 11, 2016 – Chips&Media has announced a partnership with Goke Microelectronics, a Chinese SoC provider. The partnership combines the strengths of two industry leaders to deliver multimedia SoCs for consumer and industrial applications.
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RDA selects Chips&Media HD video IP for mobile and DTV platforms
Mar 25, 2015 – Chips&Media has announced that RDA Microelectronics has integrated the Chips&Media’s HD multi-standard codec core into its new family of SoC designs, which is available on the market.
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Chips&Media delivers AVS+ cores for set-top box in China
Aug 2, 2013 – Chips&Media has announced that it has delivered its CODA966 and CODA988, the first AVS+ enabled cores, to a couple of leading semiconductor companies. The new AVS+ standard is already being used on a trial basis for 3D satellite broadcasting in China.
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Novatek Selects Chips&Media's HD video technology for Set-top Box and DTV Platforms
Dec 2, 2010 – Chips&Media has announced that Novatek Microelectronics has integrated the Chips&Media's HD multi-standard decoder core into its new family of SoC designs.
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Chips&Media Licenses Sorenson Spark Video Decoder
Aug 24, 2009 – Sorenson Media has announced that Chips&Media has licensed the Sorenson Spark Software Developers Kit (SDK) to include the Sorenson Spark video decoder in Chips&Media's optimized video IP.
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