Digital TV News: Conklin-Intracom

Entone Amulet And Hydra Integrated With Conklin-Intracom fs|cdn IPTV
Aug 31, 2009 – Entone and Conklin-Intracom have announced the interoperability of Entone's Hydra IP Video Gateway and Amulet IPTV Receiver with Conklin-Intracom's fs|cdn® IPTV solution. One successfully deployed customer is Delhi Telephone in Delhi, NY.
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Taylor Telephone IPTV To Use Conklin-Intracom fs|cdn®
Jun 9, 2009 – Taylor Telephone Cooperative is to deploy video services using Conklin-Intracom's fs|cdn® IPTV middleware. The service will offer SD and HD channels, using a mix of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 encoding, with on screen DVR & pause live TV capability.
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Wightman Telecom Deploys Conklin-Intracom's fs|cdn™ MPEG-4 HD IPTV Solution
Nov 11, 2008 – Wightman Telecom, a Canadian telephone company and CLEC serving a number of communities in the counties of Bruce, Grey, Huron, Wellington and Perth, Ontario has begun rolling out MPEG-4 HD IPTV services using Conklin-Intracom's fs|cdn™ solution.
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IP-PRIME's Market Leadership Reinforced with Sixty Plus Telco Contracts and Commercial Rollouts in Two Dozen Communities
Nov 10, 2008 – SES AMERICOM (Paris and Luxembourg: SESG) has announced that more than sixty-five telcos in 31 states have signed up for IP-PRIME®.
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WEGENER Receives $1.6 million order from Conklin-Intracom for IPTV Equipment
Mar 18, 2008 – Wegener (Nasdaq: WGNR) has announced receipt of an order totaling over $1.6 million from Conklin-Intracom for SMD 515 IPTV set top boxes to support the IPTV offerings of multiple telco operators.
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WEGENER Partners with Conklin-Intracom to Support Integrated IPTV Solution
Jan 22, 2008 – Wegener Corporation (Nasdaq: WGNR) has announced the availability of WEGENER's SMD-515 set top boxes within Conklin's integrated solution offering to support IPTV services.
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INTRACOM TELECOM Delivers fs/cdn™ IPTV Solution to Bruce Telecom
Dec 18, 2007 – JSC SITRONICS (LSE: SITR) has announced that a part of its INTRACOM TELECOM subsidiary, the US-based Conklin-INTRACOM, is delivering its fs|cdnTM MPEG-4 IPTV Solution to Bruce Telecom, a provider of telecommunication services in Canada.
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