Digital TV News: Elonics

Silicon TV Tuners Value Expected to Reach US$ 750 Million in 2015
Aug 16, 2011 – The transition from older-style can-type tuners to silicon TV tuners finally began to occur in 2010. According to new In-Stat research, sales of silicon TV tuners will reach $750 million in 2015.
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Worldwide Mobile TV Tuner Market Value to Exceed $400 Million by 2014
Nov 2, 2010 – Digital mobile TV services are ramping up throughout Asia, as well as Latin America. In the US, new ATSC mobile DTV services are launching. As a result, In-Stat expects the worldwide market value of mobile TV tuners to exceed $400 million by 2014.
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Elonics Raises £6.1 million Series B Investment
Sep 6, 2010 – Elonics has announced the closing of a £6.1m ($9.5m) of Series B investment round led by Scottish Equity Partners (SEP) and supported by Octopus Ventures, a division of Octopus Investments, alongside a number of existing investors.
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Silicon Vendors Battle For $500 Milion TV Tuner Market
Jul 20, 2010 – Silicon chip vendors are fighting hard for the shifting TV tuner market in which traditional can-type TV tuners are being replaced by all-solid-state, silicon-based TV tuners, reports In-Stat. NXP is the global market leader for silicon tuners.
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TV Tuner Transition from 'Cans' to Silicon Enables $500 Million Opportunity
Jun 18, 2010 – Although traditional 'can' type TV tuners are still the mainstream approach being used for high-volume television sets, the next-generation of ultra-slim TVs will need compact Silicon Tuners to enable thinner circuit boards, reports In-Stat.
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Elonics Releases E4001 Dual Band Digital Terrestrial TV Tuner
Apr 15, 2010 – Elonics has production released the E4001, a highly integrated dual-band RF tuner IC implemented in CMOS, ideal for digital TV and radio broadcast receiver solutions. The E4001 has been specifically developed for STB and TV modules.
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Hama debuts world's smallest TV receiver enabled by Elonics silicon tuner
Sep 8, 2009 – Elonics has collaborated with product design house, Vencer, to created an ultra-miniature DVB-T USB dongle for the global consumer electronics brand Hama, based on Elonics' tuner, and a Realtek demodulator.
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Elonics secures additional $1.1m equity finance as markets develop
May 12, 2009 – As market demand increases for Elonics products, investors have contributed a further $1.1m to develop the sales and operational support infrastructure now required for its growing global customer base.
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Elonics, the CMOS RF Company, Secures New Funding for Product Development
Jun 30, 2008 – Elonics, the CMOS RF tuner company, has secured an additional 1 million USD of Series A, second close finance. The funding is being provided by a consortium of investors.
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