Digital TV News: NPAW

NPAW introduces anti-account sharing and playback-resuming solutions
May 10, 2023 – NPAW has introduced anti-account sharing for OTT services to its suite of analytics apps. A bookmarking solution supporting playback-resumption across devices has also been added.
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Sportradar to integrate NPAW video analytics
May 3, 2023 – NPAW has announced that it will be providing analytics capabilities to Sportradar. Sportradar will use NPAW Suite Video Analytics to optimize its streaming service and provide analytics to its clients.
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76% of SVOD services to introduce ads in the next two years
Mar 29, 2023 – According to a survey by NPAW, 76% of SVOD companies plan to introduce ads by 2025. Implementing a hybrid model is the preferred path for 59% — a move aimed at lowering the price of subscriptions.
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NPAW streaming report shows daily per-service user engagement continues to drop
Mar 1, 2023 – NPAW has released its 2022 Video Streaming Industry Report. The study reveals that although global streaming adoption continues to grow, individual services on average are capturing a smaller share of users' daily watching time.
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Green Streams adds NPAW video analytics to its IPTV/OTT PaaS
Oct 25, 2022 – Greens Streams is to integrate NPAW's video analytics into its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for network operators and OTT service providers to optimize the platform and provide users with visibility of their customer experience.
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Vimond adds advanced video analytics with NPAW
Sep 6, 2022 – Vimond has partnered with NPAW to equip content owners and broadcasters with state-of-the-art streaming experiences for their end users. Vimond has added the advanced video analytics solutions of NPAW Suite to its online video content management platform.
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Video streaming services lost further playtime per user in H1 2022
Aug 2, 2022 – While the global video streaming industry kept growing in the first half of 2022, each individual service continued losing playtime per user as competition between platforms increased. That's the main conclusion of NPAW's Video Streaming Industry Report H1 2022.
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NPAW and 3SS create analytics-driven experience management solution
May 27, 2022 – 3SS and NPAW have announced that they have combined technologies to create a data-fueled customer intelligence platform which helps operators prevent churn and enhance average revenue per user (ARPU).
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NPAW introduces natural language video insights search
Apr 24, 2022 – NPAW has introduced NaLa, a natural language-based video insights search tool. Integrated into the NPAW Suite of video analytics solutions, NaLa leverages ML and natural language processing to handle data search requests based on simple, common-speech questions.
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