Digital TV News: NTT Plala

ViXS Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2015 Results
Jun 5, 2014 – ViXS Systems (TSX:VXS) has reported its first quarter fiscal 2015 results for the period ended April 30, 2014. ViXS reported Q1FY15 revenue of $7.4 million, total comprehensive loss of $5.1 million and non-IFRS net loss of $4.5 million.
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ViXS reports fourth quarter and fiscal 2014 results
Apr 15, 2014 – ViXS Systems (TSX: VXS) has reported its fourth quarter results for the period ended January 31st, 2014. ViXS reported Q4FY14 revenue of $7.0 million and a total comprehensive loss of $7.5 million.
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Sumitomo STBs for NTT Plala UltraHD 4K HEVC VOD trial
Apr 8, 2014 – Sumitomo Electric (TOKYO:5802) has announced that it has been selected by NTT Plala to provide Ultra High Definition '4K' 'p60' set top boxes for the carrier’s 4K video streaming trial service of 'Hikari-TV'.
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Verimatrix to provide security for NTT Plala's multiscreen offering
Jun 18, 2013 – Verimatrix has announced that NTT Plala, a major Japanese Internet service provider, will deploy the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) to secure Hikari-TV for smartphones. Hikari-TV is the largest Internet TV service available in Japan.
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STMicroelectronics Reports 2013 First Quarter Financial Results
Apr 22, 2013 – STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) has reported results for the first quarter ending March 30, 2013. First quarter net revenues totaled $2.01 billion. Net loss attributable to ST was $171 million, mainly due to the 50% share in ST-Ericsson operating loss and restructuring costs.
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STMicroelectronics powers Smart IPTV Set-Top Boxes from NTT Plala
Apr 22, 2013 – STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) has revealed that its Orly system-on-chip (SoC) is powering a new generation of advanced set-top boxes announced from NTT Plala, an Internet / IPTV service provider in Japan. The STB was developed by Sumitomo Electric Networks.
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Espial TV Browser Powers Mitsubishi STB for NTT Plala IPTV Service
Sep 25, 2012 – Espial has announced that the Espial TV Browser has been selected to power Mitsubishi's set-top boxes (STBs) deployed by NTT Plala, a leader in the Japanese IPTV market, to deliver a more compelling IPTV service to its customers.
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NTT Plala To Offer Japanese TV Subscribers 5,000 Unlimited Films
Mar 10, 2008 – Japan's NTT Plala has said that its new fiber-optic television service, which will debut at the end of the month, will feature a lineup of more than 10,000 movies and dramas through video-on-demand, including unlimited access to some 5,000 titles.
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