Digital TV News: Pixellot

Pixellot powers Top Hockey League's new OTT viewing platform
Jun 26, 2024 – Pixellot has announced that, following a launch in March, Belgium's Top Hockey League will offer live coverage of every game via a new OTT viewing platform, enabled by Pixellot technology.
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Pixellot to power Israel Football Association's video streaming
Apr 9, 2024 – Pixellot has announced that the Israeli Football Association (IFA) will use Pixellot's technology to capture, produce, and distribute matches from the U19 2nd division and U16 elite leagues.
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Portuguese Football Federation chooses Pixellot OTT solution
Sep 7, 2023 – Pixellot has announced that the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) has chosen it to provide a range of video and data services to support its five leagues and National Training Center.
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EDO secures $80m investment from Shamrock Capital
Apr 6, 2022 – EDO has announced the closing of an $80 million strategic growth investment from Shamrock Capital. The investment provides EDO with capital to scale its business in outcome measurement for Convergent TV.
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