Digital TV News: Zuku

Azuri announces 'always on' PAYG solar TV for Kenya
Nov 4, 2020 – Azuri Technologies has announced its latest generation of PayGo solar powered TV, the TV400. The product combines a solar power system with a 32" TV, allowing all day viewing as well as for at least 10 hours at night.
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Falcon Media House streaming integrated with Media Nucleus billing platform
Jul 14, 2017 – A partnership between Falcon Media House and Media Nucleus will enable Falcon Media House to offer an OTT platform to medium and large size broadcasters with a potential reach of 250 million users in India, as well as parts of its content portfolio to service providers in the region.
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AzuriTV offers solar powered PAYG satellite TV package in Kenya
Dec 5, 2016 – Azuri Technologies and Zuku have launched the first integrated PAYG satellite TV offering for rural off-grid consumers in sub Saharan Africa. AzuriTV combines solar home power, TV, satellite dish and Zuku Smart+ entertainment in one complete package.
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Africa Pay TV subscribers to reach 30 million in 2021
Aug 9, 2016 – Pay TV subscribers in Africa will reach 30 million by 2021, up from 16 million in 2015, according to Dataxis. Digital satellite pay TV subscribers are expected to be 20 million in 2021 compared to 8 million for DTT.
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Zambian pay TV revenues to rise with advent of new DTT bouquet
Jul 24, 2015 – The Zambian Pay-TV market saw subscriber revenues total approximately $21.13 million in 2014, growing in value by 121% since 2008. Dataxis forecasts that revenues will grow to $53.26 million by end-2018 with DTT taking an increasing proportion of the total.
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Verimatrix to secure Wananchi OTT services
May 19, 2014 – Verimatrix has extended its partnership with the Wananchi Group to secure the revenues of Zuku TV across DTH satellite, digital cable and IP-over-GPON networks, and later this year via over-the-top video services.
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Zuku estimated to have 172,000 subscribers at end-2013
May 7, 2014 – A new report published by Dataxis estimates that Zuku, the East African pay-TV platfom, had a total of 130,000 DTH subscribers across three markets at the end of 2013 plus a further 42,000 cable TV subscribers in Kenya.
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Wananchi takes Zuku TV to Malawi
Apr 1, 2014 – Wananchi Group has confirmed plans to venture into Malawi by launching Zuku TV as part of its strategy to grow its TV operations.
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Digital TV penetration accelerates in Sub-Saharan Africa
Jan 8, 2013 – About 35.3% of TV homes in Sub-Saharan Africa took digital signals by end-2012, according to a report from Digital TV Research. The Digital TV Sub-Saharan Africa report forecasts that digital TV penetration will rocket to 95.5% by 2018 - with household numbers quadrupling to 49.0 million.
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