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EBU urges EU policy makers to set out clear privacy rules for audience measurement
Jun 21, 2017 – As the European Parliament examines future ePrivacy Regulation, the EBU has expressed concern at potential restrictions on the ability of third parties to gather audience measurement data on behalf of broadcasters.
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European Council proposes revised directive on audiovisual media services
May 23, 2017 – The European Council has proposed a revised directive on audiovisual media services. The main elements are: the same rules will apply to both TV broadcasting and on-demand services; more effective procedures to deal with cross-border services are provided; and promotion of European works will also apply to on-demand service providers.
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EU adopts rules to allow OTT roaming
May 18, 2017 – EU citizens with subscriptions for online films and TV will soon be able to access their content while temporarily in another EU country. The new rules will remove restrictions so that EU citizens can use online services while in another EU country for holidays, studies or business.
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EU agrees portability rules for online subscriptions
Feb 7, 2017 – Europeans will soon be able to fully use their online subscriptions to films, sports events, e-books, video games or music services when travelling within the EU, according to an agreement reached by negotiators of the European Parliament, the Member States and the European Commission.
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Qualcomm, Nokia and Yle demo LTE Supplemental Downlink in a TV Broadcast Band
Sep 2, 2016 – Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM), Nokia and Finnish broadcasting company, Yle, have announced have conducted the world's first demonstration of the LTE Supplemental Downlink (SDL) technology in a TV broadcast band.
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EU proposes to move 700MHz UHF band to mobile services
Feb 2, 2016 – The European Commission has presented a proposal to make more spectrum available for mobile services in the 700 MHz band (694-790 MHz) by 2020. Currently, this band is mainly used for TV broadcasting.
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European Commission seeks views on internet-TV convergence
Apr 24, 2013 – The Commission wants to explore what the convergence of the internet with television content could mean for Europe's economic growth and innovation, cultural diversity, and consumers (especially those that may need protection, such as children.)
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European Court of Justice finds online terrestrial TV re-broadcasting services infringe copyright
Mar 7, 2013 – The European Court of Justice has found that, when a given work is put to multiple use, each transmission or retransmission of that work using a specific technical means must, as a rule, be individually authorised by its author.
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EU Court of Justice rules against prohibitions on the import, sale or use of foreign decoder cards
Oct 4, 2011 – A system of licences for the broadcasting of football matches which grants broadcasters territorial exclusivity on a Member State basis and which prohibits television viewers from watching the broadcasts with a decoder card in other Member States is contrary to EU law.
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