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Wananchi satellite service to launch in Uganda next month
Jul 18, 2011 – Wananchi is to launch its Zuku TV satellite service in Uganda next month. As part of the launch, Wananchi is offering to replace the set-top boxes owned by those who subscribed to the GTV DTH service that failed in 2009.
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Intelsat, Convergence Partners Form New Dawn Joint Venture to Grow Africa's Telecommunications Infrastructure
Dec 9, 2008 – Intelsat has announced a joint venture with a South African investor group to build and launch a new satellite optimized to deliver wireless backhaul, broadband and television programming to the African continent.
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A newcomer is shaking up satellite television in Africa
Aug 14, 2008 – Gateway Communications's satellite-television subsidiary GTV, a company created just over a year ago, has signed up more than 100,000 customers in 20 countries - which, it reckons, translates into 1.25m regular viewers.
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Gateway Chooses NDS Content Protection for New African DTH Service
Feb 26, 2007 – NDS (NASDAQ: NNDS) has announced that it has been selected by Gateway Communications to provide a security system, featuring its VideoGuard® conditional access (CA), for GTV its newly created satellite TV service for Sub-Saharan Africa.
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Gateway to launch pan-African pay-TV Service
Feb 22, 2007 – Gateway Communications has announced the launch of GTV, a pan-African pay-TV satellite delivered service. It will provide a unique bouquet of content with a subscription price aimed at penetrating the underserved African television market.
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