Digital TV News: Gert Rieder

Falcon Media House signs up AEMG for Africa OTT service
Oct 3, 2017 – Falcon Media House has announced the signing of a licensing agreement with Africa Enterprise Media Group (AEMG) to supply software technology and brand assets for a direct-to-consumer OTT service in Africa.
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Falcon Media House streaming integrated with Media Nucleus billing platform
Jul 14, 2017 – A partnership between Falcon Media House and Media Nucleus will enable Falcon Media House to offer an OTT platform to medium and large size broadcasters with a potential reach of 250 million users in India, as well as parts of its content portfolio to service providers in the region.
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Quiptel and Verimatrix deliver West Africa’s first secure OTT service
May 24, 2017 – Quiptel and Verimatrix have announced a partnership that will offer the first secure OTT service in West Africa enabling thousands of residents on Bonny Island in Nigeria to stream live and on-demand TV uninterrupted.
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Denmark - TDC launches 35 TV channels via broadband
Feb 20, 2007 – TDC (Copenhagen:TDC) has inaugurated Denmark's largest and most state-of-the-art interactive TV network. More than 1.6 million households will be able to link up directly to TDC TV via their broadband connection.
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Super TV IPTV for 70% of Denmark
Dec 14, 2006 – TDC initiates its most ambitious commitment to television via broadband to date. More than 1.8 million households will get access to a new generation of TDC TV which then becomes the largest cable-based television network in the country.
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