Digital TV News: Tim Peters

FourthWall Media introduces Reveal 5 TV analytics and optimization platform
Sep 19, 2019 – FourthWall Media has released Reveal 5, the company’s analytics platform. Reveal 5 packages powerful analytics and infrastructure making it easy to use the platform to analyze, plan, and optimize television advertising, audiences, and programming.
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PeerLogix and FourthWall Media unify linear and streaming TV audiences
Nov 7, 2018 – PeerLogix (OTC: LOGX) and FourthWall Media have announced the launch of a data asset combining both streaming and linear TV viewing at the household level. The new data pool can be used for analytics, audience insights and digital campaign targeting.
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ZCorum and FourthWall Media partner on cable STB diagnostics
Oct 3, 2017 – ZCorum and FourthWall Media have announced that they have formed a strategic initiative to deliver set-top box diagnostics to cable providers looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs in their video operation.
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FourthWall Media EBIF Platform and AirCommand™ to Connect Companion Devices to Motorola Set-Tops
Dec 13, 2011 – FourthWall Media has announced an agreement with Motorola Mobility (NYSE: MMI) to package FourthWall's EBIF platform and AirCommand mobile connectivity solution into Motorola's Medios multi-screen managed services offering.
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Charter Reaches 1 Million Mark for EBIF-Enabled Digital Set-Top Box Deployment
May 10, 2011 – Charter (NASDAQ: CHTR) has deployed more than one million EBIF-enabled set-top boxes in nearly all its communities utilizing Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) set-top boxes. Charter worked with Concurrent (NASDAQ: CCUR) and FourthWall Media on the rollout.
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Rovi and FourthWall Media Collaborate on Enhanced TV Platform
Feb 8, 2010 – FourthWall Media and Rovi Corporation (Nasdaq: ROVI) have signed an agreement under which Rovi will offer an integrated ETV Platform, including FourthWall Media's EBIF User Agent, ETV Server, and TV Widgets® as part of Rovi's guide solutions.
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