Synovate PAX media survey shows non-traditional television platforms are taking hold across Asia Pacific

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

SINGAPORE — Synovate, a leading global market intelligence firm, today released results from its PAX media survey showing that four in ten affluent Asians are watching television on the move: be it via their personal computers, mobile phones, MP4 players, while outdoors, or even in their cars.

Director of Media Research for Synovate in Asia Pacific, Craig Harvey, said these viewing platforms were becoming more and more significant for broadcasters and marketers alike.

“The traditional image of Mum, Dad, kids and the family dog sitting around the TV in the living room is becoming less and less common. People are far more likely now to watch their TV on the move.

“We are all increasingly busy with demanding lives and multiple technology choices. More people are choosing to watch TV when they have some ‘down time’ throughout their day, regardless of their location,” he said.

Synovate PAX examines the media habits, product consumption and attitudes of elite Asians – a group attractive to marketers both for their wealth and their early product adoption. The latest results show that many Asian elites are choosing to watch their favourite TV shows on non-traditional viewing platforms. Wealthy Bangkok residents are leading the charge with well over half (63%) saying they have viewed programmes via screens outside the home and hotels. Other leading markets are Manila (53%), Taipei (48%), Seoul and Tokyo (both 46%).

Much of this viewing is taking place via personal computers and laptops. Manila’s elites lead this trend with 42% having viewed television via these devices in the past month, closely followed by Bangkok (38%), Taipei (31%) and Seoul and Melbourne (both 29%).

Mr Harvey said many affluent Asians were also choosing the ‘third screen’ for their viewing.

“Advertisers and media planners are paying more attention to the so-called ‘third screen’ – screens on mobile phones, MP4s and other personal portable devices – and our research certainly validates this growing emphasis.

“Again, wealthy Filipinos are leading the way with 17% of them viewing television on their mobiles in the past month and 15% doing so on their MP4 players. Elite Thais are hot on their heels with 13% and 9% respectively tuning into their favourite TV programmes on these devices,” Mr Harvey said.

“The need to always be connected, informed and entertained is clearly reflected in the numbers of people watching in their cars as well. It’s no coincidence that the highest number of people doing this live in some of the most congested cities in the world… what better way to ride out a traffic jam than catching up on world news or perhaps your favourite soap opera!”

Tokyo and Bangkok lead the way when it comes to in-car viewing, each with one quarter of all elite consumers having enjoyed this viewing platform. Taipei (17%) and Seoul (16%) also have significant numbers for in-car viewing.


The above information was gathered as part of the Synovate PAX media survey. Synovate PAX tracks affluent Asians across 11 markets in Asia Pacific – Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and India.

Respondents were asked whether they had watched live or pre-recorded television programmes on platforms other than television at home or in bars and hotels in the past month.