Digital TV News: Connekt

More than 100 active Smart TV partners for Connekt in Q3
Dec 18, 2018 – Connekt has announced that more than 100 carriers, content and media companies, as well as cross-device advertisers, were partnered with the company during the third quarter of 2018.
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Connekt brings 'Buy Now' button to Sony smart TVs
Oct 2, 2018 – Connekt has developed a collaboration with Sony Electronics to enable T-Commerce on select Sony Smart TVs and Blu-ray Disc Players. Through Connekt’s ShopTV application, consumers will be able to securely purchase products directly from the TV.
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Connekt and Verance partner to provide ATSC 3.0 advertising
Apr 10, 2018 – Connekt and Verance have partnered to develop the standard for interactive advertising formats to be delivered over the ATSC 3.0 standard. The effort will provide an end-to-end solution for networks, content owners and programmers.
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TV could be catalyst for voice shopping, Connekt study finds
Apr 5, 2018 – A study by Connekt suggests TV could be the missing link to spur voice purchases using voice-controlled devices such as Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. The study finds consumers are strongly interested in using them to buy items that appear on the screen as they’re watching TV.
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Connekt adds voice activation via Google Home to its TV ad engagement platform
Feb 1, 2018 – Connekt is preparing for a remote-less future by adding voice capabilities to its linear TV ad engagement solution. Now, viewers with Google Home devices can interact with brands that are featured on TV and purchase goods using only their voices.
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76% of consumers would buy products through their TVs
Dec 21, 2017 – Americans are highly interested in purchasing products directly from TV commercials and programs using their remotes, according to a new t-commerce study released by Connekt. However, many don’t realize the capability currently exists.
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Connekt brings interactivity and T-Commerce to Hisense Smart TVs
Dec 7, 2017 – Connekt has announced integration of its ShopTV application into Smart TVs made by Hisense. With the integration, consumers can interact and engage with brands and content directly on their TV. Viewers can also purchase the products that interest them through the app.
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Connekt launches TV advertising and commerce platform
Sep 28, 2017 – Connekt has unveiled a platform that enables brands, distributors and media companies to generate revenue from TV advertising and commerce. The platform is powered by an in-content transactional advertising engine using artificial intelligence.
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Connekt and Ensequence to use Gracenote's Video Automatic Content Recognition
Sep 19, 2017 – Gracenote (NYSE: NLSN) has announced that it has inked deals with Connekt and Ensequence to use Gracenote’s Video Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology to bring new interactive capabilities to linear TV ads and other programming.
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