Digital TV News: Xilinx

V-Nova and NGCodec offer FPGA-based real-time UHD encoding
Apr 4, 2019 – V-Nova and NGCodec have announced a combined FPGA-based encoding solution, which delivers industry-leading UHD video quality and encoding efficiency resulting in up to 50x cost savings when compared to traditional CPU software options.
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V-Nova and Xilinx launch PERSEUS transcoder and accelerator
Mar 21, 2019 – V-Nova and Xilinx (NASDAQ: XLNX) have announced the availability of PERSEUS XSA, a plug-and-play encoding accelerator for existing live or VOD encoding pipelines and PERSEUS XDE, a native encoding solution running entirely on FPGA.
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CAST introduces Ultra HD-capable video compression cores
Jul 21, 2016 – CAST has introduced the newest generation in its series of IP cores for video and image compression. The AVC/H.264 Encoder Cores are optimized for low-bitrate and low-latency video streaming.
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PathPartner announces HEVC codec for x86 platforms
Jul 28, 2015 – PathPartner Technology has announced the availability of HEVC encoder and decoder solutions for Intel server class and client (i5, i7) platforms. The decoder supports error resiliency and concealment techniques.
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PathPartner Technology announces hybrid hardware-software HEVC decoder IP
Sep 23, 2014 – PathPartner Technology has announced the availability of the industry's first hybrid HEVC (H.265) decoder partitioned optimally between ARM Cortex-A9 software and FPGA hardware.
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Global System-On-a-Chip Market to Reach US$48.8 Billion by 2017
Apr 12, 2012 – Global Industry Analysts (GIA) has announced the release of a report on the System-On-a-Chip (SoC) market. The market for SoCs is projected to reach US$48.8 billion by 2017.
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Samsung Closes in on Intel for Semiconductor Market Leadership in 2010
Apr 19, 2011 – Continuing its steady rise in the semiconductor industry, Samsung in 2010 came closer to challenging Intel's chip market leadership than any company had in more than a decade, new IHS iSuppli market research has revealed.
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Genesis Microchip Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2008 Financial Results
Nov 1, 2007 – Genesis Microchip (Nasdaq:GNSS) has announced its financial results for the second quarter of its fiscal year 2008, which ended September 30, 2007.
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