Digital TV News: Bartłomiej Kasiński

MultiMedia Polska chooses ContentWise personalized TV
Sep 5, 2016 – ContentWise has been selected by Multimedia Polska to personalize its live TV, VoD, catch-up and OTT services. Multimedia Polska will be able to provide enhanced features such as predictive analytics and algorithmic and social recommendations.
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Multimedia Polska selects Cubiware middleware
Nov 16, 2015 – Cubiware (NASDAQ: TIVO) has announced that its CubiTV hybrid middleware has been selected by Multimedia Polska for delivery of digital video broadcast via Cubiware-enabled set-top boxes and portal server across Poland.
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Multimedia Polska grows to 100,000 digital TV subscribers
Jun 22, 2009 – Latens has announced that Multimedia Polska's hybrid DVB-C and IPTV service - secured by Latens software-only Conditional Access - has reached 100,000 subscribers.
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