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CryptoMedia Security to protect Dish TV India pay TV content
Jul 18, 2016 – Rambus (NASDAQ:RMBS) has announced that Dish TV India has selected the CryptoMedia Security Platform for use in its pay TV satellite system. The platform ensures secure distribution of content while eliminating the need for a smart card.
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Cryptography Research extends licence agreement with NAGRA
Jun 23, 2016 – Rambus (NASDAQ:RMBS) has announced that it has extended the license agreement with NAGRA (SIX:KUD.S) for the use of its Differential Power Analysis (DPA) countermeasures in selected NAGRA digital TV offerings.
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INSIDE Secure and Rambus collaborate to protect 4K and Ultra HD content
May 30, 2016 – INSIDE Secure (Paris: INSD) has announced that it is working with Cryptography Research to enable the delivery of over-the-top (OTT) 4K and Ultra High Definition (UHD) content that meets Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA) specifications.
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MStar, Intertrust and Rambus to show security for 4K UHD TV at IBC 2015
Sep 10, 2015 – MStar Semiconductor has announced that it has started production of a secure chipset for connected TVs that integrates the Rambus Cryptography Research CryptoFirewall security core with Intertrust’s ExpressPlay cloud service for DRM.
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Cryptography Research to manage cryptographic keys for SCSA-enabled devices
Sep 1, 2015 – Cryptography Research (NASDAQ:RMBS) has been selected by the Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA) to run and manage the VIDITY Key Issuance Center. The service manages cryptographic keys that SCSA-enabled devices and services use in securing content.
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SCSA releases VIDITY licensing specifications
Aug 26, 2015 – The Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA) has released licensing specifications for its VIDITY technology, which enables secure delivery of entertainment, including locally stored playback of 4K Ultra HD and HD movies across multiple devices.
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MStar integrates Intertrust UHD security for TVs and STBs
Jul 15, 2015 – Intertrust has announced that MStar Semiconductor has integrated Intertrust's ExpressPlay UHD in MStar’s SoCs for 4K TVs, set-top boxes and OTT/IP boxes. ExpressPlay UHD is the most widely deployed DRM in China and the choice of initiatives in Japan and Europe.
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Intertrust integrates Cryptography Research security cores
Apr 9, 2015 – Rambus (NASDAQ:RMBS) has announced that Intertrust will integrate its CryptoFirewall hardware security cores with its ExpressPlay cloud service. Smart 4K UHD TVs are the first target devices for the integrated security solution.
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MStar to use Cryptography Research DPA countermeasures in Set-Top Box ICs
Feb 4, 2015 – Rambus (NASDAQ:RMBS) has announced that its Cryptography Research Division and MStar have signed a license agreement for the inclusion of advanced DPA countermeasure technologies developed by Cryptography Research in MStar products.
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