Digital TV News: Daniel Huang

Dish TV India launches hybrid STB with HANDAN and ALi
Jan 30, 2019 – ALi Corporation, Dish TV India and HANDAN have announced that they have further extended their partnership by launching the latest hybrid solution, 'Dish Box', to enrich TV the experience for subscribers in India.
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ALi to showcase F8 STB SoC family at Convergence India 2019
Jan 25, 2019 – ALi Corporation has initiated further efforts to penetrate the Indian market with its next-generation F8 series set-top box chipset (M3711C). The SoC is due for wide deployment in 2019.
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Inside Secure provides Secure Provisioning for ALi STB SoCs
Feb 26, 2018 – Inside Secure (Paris:INSD) has announced that they have entered into an agreement with ALi Corporation to use Inside Secure’s Secure Provisioning Solution to build robust security into its products during the chip manufacturing process.
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ALi to incorporate Advanced HDR from Technicolor in STB chipsets
Jan 8, 2018 – ALi Corp has announced that its upcoming generation of chipsets will feature Advanced HDR from Technicolor. Advanced HDR combines HDR with Technicolor Intelligent Tone Management (ITM), an SDR to HDR conversion tool.
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Skardin, ALi, and Voxtok collaborate to merge TV and music
Sep 13, 2017 – Voxtok has announced that Skardin has joined the platform ecosystem by adopting a Voxtok innovation called Smart Sound Bar, a connected audio device that merges TV and Music. Skardin’s product is also the first in its line-up to be powered by ALi STB chipsets.
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ALi integrates SoCs with next generation Conax Cardless clients
Sep 7, 2016 – ALi has announced that it has extended its partnership with Conax. As the first chipset provider receiving Conax CP 6.0 certification for cardless, ALi has integrated its HEVC series SoC with the Conax cardless security client.
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ALi Corp STB SoCs get a boost with MIPS CPUs
Jun 22, 2016 – Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) has announced that ALi Corporation is shipping a MIPS-based, H.265-capable System-on-Chip (SoC) for hybrid cable, satellite, terrestrial and IP STBs.
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ALi to provide Irdeto-certified STB chipsets
May 26, 2016 – ALi Corporation has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Irdeto, achieving certification to integrate Irdeto's security solutions on its latest generation chipset offerings.
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ALi STB chipsets integrate Civolution’s NexGuard forensic watermarking
Jan 7, 2016 – NexGuard has announced the integration of NexGuard forensic watermarking in the lineup of ALi set-top box chipsets. The collaboration provides compliance with MovieLabs security specifications and enables protection of content with forensic watermarking in addition to CAS and DRM systems.
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