Digital TV News: Yoel Zanger

Giraffic releases video acceleration SDK for FireTV, Apple TV and Android TV
Jan 9, 2018 – Giraffic has announced the availability of its client-side streaming optimization and acceleration technology as an SDK for TV streaming. By integrating AVA TV SDK, video providers can boost the performance of their apps on FireTV, Apple TV and Android TV platforms.
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Giraffic Adaptive Video Acceleration boosts LG Smart TVs
Oct 19, 2015 – Giraffic has announced that LG has implemented Giraffic's Adaptive Video Acceleration (AVA) technology in its 2015 webOS TV product lines to enhance digital content streaming, performance and delivery speeds, while eliminating buffering interruptions.
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Giraffic announces MPEG-DASH client trials
Nov 20, 2014 – Giraffic has announced trials of its Adaptive Video Acceleration (AVA) for MPEG-DASH. AVA is a client-side network throughput optimization technology that offers consumers HD video without re-buffering pauses or reliance on streaming resolution reduction technology.
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