Digital TV News: Adolf Proidl

3SS and XroadMedia partner to enable feature-rich personalized viewing experiences
Sep 10, 2018 – 3 Screen Solutions (3SS) and XroadMedia are joining forces to launch an integrated solution that enables content owners and service providers to deliver innovative and highly personalized viewing experiences.
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Internet Video Archive and XroadMedia enable content discovery experiences
Sep 16, 2017 – XroadMedia and Internet Video Archive (IVA) have signed a strategic partnership agreement to help content and service providers to deliver content discovery experiences.
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XroadMedia helps Nuevo Siglo bring personal TV to consumers in Uruguay
May 30, 2017 – XroadMedia has announced that Nuevo Siglo will be offering a personal TV service to consumers in Uruguay by using Ncanto, XroadMedia’s cloud-based content discovery solution. Nuevo Siglo provides Hybrid DVB-OTT on its NSNOW platform.
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Amino and XroadMedia collaborate in delivery of personalised OTT services
Sep 9, 2016 – Amino and XroadMedia are to collaborate in delivering personalised OTT services to video and TV service providers worldwide. XroadMedia will integrate its Ncanto personalisation service with the Amino Move cloud TV platform.
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XroadMedia content discovery to be integrated with Zenterio OS
Feb 16, 2015 – Zenterio and XroadMedia have signed a partnership agreement under which XroadMedia will integrate its personalization service, Ncanto, into Zenterio OS to offer a combined search and recommendation package for TV operators.
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