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FTTH/B now passes more than half of homes in EU39
May 12, 2021 – The FTTH Council Europe has released figures outlining fibre deployment trends in Europe. The number of homes passed with fibre in the EU39 reached 182.6 million in September 2020, compared to 172 million in September 2019.
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FTTH Council Europe updates FTTH/FTTB figures
Mar 14, 2019 – The latest FTTH Market Panorama prepared by IDATE has been released. The number of FTTH and FTTB subscribers in Europe has increased by 15.7% in the EU39 since September 2017 with more than 59.6 million FTTH/B subscribers in September 2018.
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FTTH subscribers in Asia-Pacific up 35 percent in one year
Jul 28, 2015 – Figures from IDATE and the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific have revealed that more than 300 million businesses and homes across Asia-Pacific now have access to fiber services - an increase of 36.8% when compared to 2013.
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Nearly 15 million FTTH/B subscribers in Europe
Feb 11, 2015 – The number of fibre to the home (FTTH) and fibre to the building (FTTB) subscribers in Europe has soared, increasing by 50% over the 12 months ending December 2014, according to the FTTH Council Europe.
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Worldwide TV revenue to reach €424.7 billion in 2018
Oct 16, 2014 – IDATE has released the latest version of its 'TV and video services worldwide' market report and database. It provides data on a market in the throes of major upheavals, analysing changes in viewer habits, TV access networks and revenue sources.
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Worldwide penetration of digital television in TV households passes the 50% mark
Sep 26, 2012 – According to IDATE, the number of TV households worldwide will reach 1.502 billion in 2016 (+9.4% in 5 years) with the penetration of digital TV in those households reaching 77.6% at that point.
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Market for services on connected TVs to reach €2.4 billion in 2016
Mar 21, 2012 – IDATE estimates that the global market of services on connected TVs will reach EUR 2.4 billion in 2016. This market will represent 16.7% of the OTT video market and about 1% of the global fixed video services market.
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Will the future of satellite be guided by 3D?
Jun 24, 2011 – IDATE has published its report 'Satellite TV'. This report looks at the latest developments and major trends in television markets, especially with respect to 3D offers, and provides an analysis of how this affects the satellite industry.
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Mobile Video: smartphone and tablet traffic skyrocketing
Jun 22, 2011 – IDATE has released its 'Mobile Video' report. The global mobile video market (cellular networks only) was worth an estimated 4.3 billion EUR in 2010, and forecast to reach 12.6 billion EUR in 2015.
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