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IPTV poised to transform Korea's TV entertainment
Jan 19, 2009 – Three firms (KT, LG Dacom and SK Broadband) are licensed to provide IPTV services in Korea. All are making extensive investments in the business over the next five years with real-time broadcasts having begun on January 1, 2009.
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Korea - KT, LG Dacom and Hanaro Telecom Granted IPTV Service Rights
Sep 8, 2008 – Korea's three leading communication service providers (KT, LG Dacom and Hanaro Telecom) have won the right to provide IPTV services. Commercial IPTV services are expected to begin next month.
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Korea - LG Dacom to join free IPTV market
Dec 11, 2007 – LG Dacom unveiled 'myLGtv', its new free IPTV service to join the competition in the Triple Play Service (high-speed Internet + telephone+ broadcasting) market.
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LG Dacom Selects Alticast as Middleware Vendor IPTV Services
Mar 19, 2007 – LG Dacom recently announced its final selections for solution vendors for its IPTV digital media center.
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KT, C-CUBE Consortium Successfully Complete IPTV Trial Supported By NDS
Jan 19, 2007 – NDS (NASDAQ: NNDS) has announced that KT and the C-Cube consortium, having selected NDS' market leading content protection solutions, have successfully completed one of the first IPTV trials in South Korea.
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