Digital TV News: Monsoon Multimedia

Zenverge to demonstrate Gateway Applications and HD HEVC Transcoding in Las Vegas
Jan 3, 2013 – Zenverge has announced that it will be demonstrating operator gateway solutions and industry-first, real-time HD HEVC transcoding technology at The Palazzo® hotel in Las Vegas, Jan 8-10, concurrent with CES 2013.
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Monsoon Multimedia and Zenverge Partner to Deliver Placeshifting and DVR Functionality to CE OEMs
Jan 10, 2012 – Monsoon Multimedia has announced that it has selected Zenverge's ZN200 Quad-Stream Transcoder to work with Monsoon's placeshifting and DVR software to enable HD streaming to multiple mobile devices for major OEMs.
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Monsoon Multimedia Adds Placeshifting to C2 Micro and Zenverge ICs
Jan 10, 2012 – Monsoon Multimedia has announced that it is porting its TV Anywhere placeshifting software engines to additional semiconductor platforms developed by C2 Microsystems, Inc. and Zenverge, Inc.
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Monsoon Announces Solution for MSOs to Manage TV and DVR Viewing Rights
Oct 13, 2011 – Monsoon Multimedia has announced the Monsoon Multi-Screen Policy Management Solution (MPMS), which enables Multi System Operators (MSOs), such as Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner and many others worldwide, to manage viewing rights for content.
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Monsoon Multimedia Introduces Convergence Device with 4 Major Video Technologies
Jan 7, 2010 – Monsoon Multimedia has announced Volcano, its home video convergence device. Volcano incorporates time shifting, place shifting, internet video, and new functionalities that support streaming and recording video to smartphones, all in one box.
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On2 Licenses Mobile Optimized Decoders to Monsoon Multimedia
Apr 15, 2008 – On2 Technologies (Amex: ONT) has announced that it has licensed its Hantro™ 4100 video decoder and 2600 Enhanced aacPlus™ audio decoder to Monsoon Multimedia, an innovative digital video solutions provider.
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Monsoon Multimedia Announces HAVA TV Place-Shifting for the Nokia Internet Tablet
Apr 2, 2008 – Monsoon Multimedia has announced HAVA support for the Nokia N800 and N810 Internet Tablets, and the upcoming Nokia N810 Internet Tablet WiMAX Edition, allowing customers to view and control their home TV from anywhere in the world over WiMAX or WiFi.
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Monsoon Multimedia Announces Streaming HD Video Over WiFi With HAVA
Jan 7, 2008 – Monsoon Multimedia, an innovative digital video solutions provider, today announced HAVA as the first consumer solution to stream HD video throughout a home 802.11n or wired network.
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