Digital TV News: Access Advance

Access Advance revises HEVC patent license structure
Jun 1, 2021 – Access Advance has announced a new HEVC Advance Platform Pool structure. Licensees will receive an expanded license that includes all HEVC Profiles through Version 7 at the existing Main/Main 10 royalty rates.
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HEVC Advance releases draft VVC Licensing Program Overview
Aug 20, 2020 – HEVC Advance has announced the release of a draft VVC Licensing Program Overview. The Licensing Program, covering both VVC and HEVC, would establish the Advance Licensing Platform for Video Codecs.
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Favourable ruling for TiVo at the ITC
Jun 4, 2019 – TiVo (NASDAQ: TIVO) has received a favorable determination at the International Trade Commission (ITC) that Comcast's X1 platform infringes Rovi’s patents. This is the second favorable ITC determination the Company has received from the ITC.
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SpotX integrates with Amazon’s Transparent Ad Marketplace
Oct 5, 2017 – SpotX has announced the integration of its header bidding suite with Amazon Publisher Services’ Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM). The SpotX and TAM integration is a fully server-side approach to video header bidding.
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Telecom Italia and Intel announce collaboration for next-generation online TV and internet services
Mar 5, 2010 – Telecom Italia (Milan:TIT) and Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) have announced a collaboration to distribute next-generation online internet and TV services via the open source MeeGo software platform.
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Entone selected by Chequamegon Communications
Aug 26, 2009 – Entone has announced that its Hydra HD™ IP video gateway and Amulet™ HD IPTV receiver have been chosen for Chequamegon Communications' IPTV service rollout. Chequamegon is the largest telephone cooperative in Wisconsin.
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