Digital TV News: Broadpeak

Broadpeak to power targeted advertising on new TF1 video service
Apr 29, 2024 – Broadpeak has announced that French TV network TF1 is powering targeted ad insertion on its TF1+ streaming service with Broadpeak's Dynamic Ad Insertion service.
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Deutsche Telekom selects Broadpeak Cloud DVR solution for MagentaTV
Apr 24, 2024 – Deutsche Telekom has revamped its MagentaTV IPTV platform, using Broadpeak's Cloud DVR solution to deliver video streaming content, including VOD, live, time-shift, and start-over TV.
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Broadpeak launches interactive targeted advertising for video streamers
Apr 3, 2024 – Broadpeak has announced Click2. Click2 enables viewers to interact with ads as they are watching video streaming services, opening up a new type of ad inventory for video service providers.
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América Móvil expands video streaming in LATAM with Broadpeak
Mar 21, 2024 – Broadpeak has announced that América Móvil is using Broadpeak's nanoCDN multicast ABR solution to launch Claro Video OTT, a new video streaming service, in a third country in Latin America.
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BT and Broadpeak partner on multicast for live video streaming
Mar 12, 2024 – BT Group and Broadpeak are teaming up on a a Multicast-Assisted Unicast Delivery (MAUD) solution that enables more reliable, efficient and sustainable live video streaming.
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Broadpeak elevates mobile video streaming with Deutsche Telekom and Microsoft
Feb 26, 2024 – Broadpeak has joined forces with Microsoft and Deutsche Telekom, adding Quality on Demand (QoD) Network APIs to its BkS450 software to elevate video streaming experiences on mobile devices.
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Divitel announces role in launching PŸUR TV HD in Germany
Dec 20, 2023 – Divitel has announced its role in launching PŸUR TV HD. Divitel’s focus on strategic support, technical integration, and quality assurance, played a crucial role in the collaborative effort.
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NxTV brings FAST channels to Brazil with Broadpeak
Dec 6, 2023 – Broadpeak has announced that Brazilian operator NxTV is using a targeted advertising solution from Broadpeak to monetize its new free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels.
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Bouygues Telecom streams video in Multicast ABR with Broadpeak
Nov 23, 2023 – Broadpeak has announced that Bouygues Telecom has deployed its nanoCDN multicast ABR technology. Offered on Bouygues Telecom's Bbox Smart TV, multicast ABR will be available by early 2024.
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