Digital TV News: CI Plus LLP

Microchip enables CI+ based pay TV in automotive infotainment networks
Oct 13, 2015 – Microchip (NASDAQ: MCHP) has announced that system designers using MOST technology in their automotive infotainment networks can now use Microchip's MOST networking products to bring CI+-based Pay TV to their cars.
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MOST to use CI+ for in-car protected content distribution
Oct 6, 2015 – The MOST Cooperation has released its latest MOST Stream Transmission Specification that includes support for the MOST CI+ Interim License Agreement. CI+ will allow a MOST network to transport protected content using Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP).
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DVB unveils features of forthcoming DVB-CI Plus specification
Sep 13, 2013 – At IBC, DVB will unveil its work incorporating the latest version of CI Plus Extensions (V1.4) into the forthcoming DVB-CI Plus specification. The upcoming standard will enable IPTV to be delivered directly to the TV, without the need for a set-top box.
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SmarDTV SmarCAM successfully completes CI Plus v1.3 certification
Aug 9, 2012 – SmarDTV (SIX:KUD.S) has announced that its SmarCAM-3.5 Conditional Access Module has passed CI Plus v1.3 certification. In addition, Digital TV Labs has made a custom development based on the SmarCAM for the official CI Plus Test Tool.
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DVB Approves Commercial Requirements For CI Plus V1.4
Nov 28, 2011 – DVB has approved the Commercial Requirements for CI Plus v1.4. The requirements add two main features: support for dual-stream operation with a single module, intended for a dual-tuner PVR host, and support for DRM protected IP-delivered content.
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CI Plus Specification Benefits From HD MHEG Upgrade In Version 1.3
Jan 26, 2011 – The International MHEG Promotion Alliance has welcomed the launch of version 1.3 of the CI Plus standard. v1.3 conformance will become mandatory for new receivers integrating CI Plus no later than the 1st of August 2012.
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IMPALA Welcomes New Advanced CI Plus Conformance Test Including MHEG Browser
Sep 7, 2010 – IMPALA, the International MHEG Promotion Alliance, has welcomed the news of a new, advanced CI Plus (CI+) test tool for ensuring compatible receivers conform to the latest specification.
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Viaccess announces CI Plus support with Neotion at IBC 2009
Sep 11, 2009 – Viaccess (Paris and NYSE: FTE) and Neotion have announced their support for Common Interface+ (CI Plus) on Conditional Access Modules (CAMs). A demonstration of Viaccess CI Plus commitment with Neotion will be displayed during the IBC 09 Forum.
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Ocean Blue's CI+ 'Turbo' software passes the test
Aug 27, 2009 – Ocean Blue Software's CI+ has been enhanced with extra features. The latest version of the CI+ specification details optional features which Ocean Blue Software has already incorporated into their Sunrise CI+ product.
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