Digital TV News: Joel Reboul

Voxtok enhances the audio and music experience on Technicolor STBs
Feb 25, 2019 – Voxtok has released Music Avenue - the first personalized audio service designed for TV. The service is now available on Technicolor’s Android TV set-top boxes. Music Avenue aggregates music sources and brings smart control over wireless audio devices in the home.
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Skardin, ALi, and Voxtok collaborate to merge TV and music
Sep 13, 2017 – Voxtok has announced that Skardin has joined the platform ecosystem by adopting a Voxtok innovation called Smart Sound Bar, a connected audio device that merges TV and Music. Skardin’s product is also the first in its line-up to be powered by ALi STB chipsets.
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Netgem shows smart home at MWC17; Invests in Voxtok
Feb 24, 2017 – At Mobile World Congress Netgem will present two innovations in its smart home roadmap: Voice Control with Amazon, and SoundBox - the first connected speakers to embed set-top-box technology.
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MStar and Connected-Labs collaborate on Web solutions for TV and STB
Mar 11, 2014 – MStar Semiconductor has announced that Connected-Labs, an MStar spin-off, will assist MStar's R&D team with HbbTV, HTML5, OIPF, W3C standards and Web browsers such as Webkit and Blink.
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MStar Integrates RoxioNow Into Chipset for HDTVs
Sep 14, 2010 – Sonic Solutions® (Nasdaq: SNIC) has announced that the RoxioNow™ premium entertainment platform has been selected by MStar Semiconductor for inclusion in its advanced SoC solutions, which will be used in upcoming connected HDTVs.
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Inverto to Support HbbTV on its hybrid set-top boxes
Sep 9, 2009 – Inverto Digital Labs has announced that its retail HD+ hybrid set-top box (STB), Scena 6, planned to hit the German market in Q1 2010, will support Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV). The hybrid STB will incorporate a CE-HTML browser from Pleyo.
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