Digital TV News: Nokia Siemens Networks

Belgacom delivers Belgian Pro League football to TV, PCs, smart devices
Sep 10, 2010 – Belgacom (Brussels: BELG) has begun deployment of Nokia Siemens Networks' Ubiquity Multiscreen TV Platform to add mobility and flexibility to the TV viewing experience. In 2011, subscribers will be able to access TV content on any device at any time.
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'Ubiquity Multiscreen TV' combines Internet with TV on any device
Sep 9, 2010 – Nokia Siemens Networks is launching a new software client for 'any device with a screen' that allows people to watch TV via any network. The Multiscreen TV client integrates 'Over the Top' TV and broadcast TV with the web and social network access.
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Industry effort to profile multi-screen TV delivery
Sep 8, 2010 – Alcatel Lucent, KPN, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks and Sofia Digital are working together in the bmcoforum to allow seamless consumption of TV and video either from mobile device, TV or computer.
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HickoryTech to offer advanced IPTV service
Jul 7, 2010 – Nokia Siemens Networks is providing its multi-screen IPTV platform to allow HickoryTech to deliver HD video and advanced capabilities including personal video recording, faster channel change and personalized, third party apps to its customers.
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Telcos Face Complex Challenges in Scaling IP Services
Jul 2, 2010 – IPTV network operators face a complex array of issues and challenges as they scale their networks to deliver more robust services to a wider group of customers, and those challenges aren't limited solely to subscriber headcount, according to Heavy Reading.
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Daktel subscribers to enjoy cutting-edge IPTV experiences
May 24, 2010 – Daktel Communications has completed the upgrade to Nokia Siemens Networks' next-generation IPTV platform, enabling high-quality video services, including advanced personal video recording (PVR), as well as on-demand and interactive content.
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TechniSat Digital and IMAGIN in cooperation
Apr 26, 2010 – TechniSat Digital will supply its Digit HD4 CX CSP set-top box for the IMAGIN service operated by the cable networks of Eltrona Interdiffusion and Nokia Siemens Networks in Luxembourg.
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Nokia Siemens Networks promises TV on any screen, on demand
Mar 23, 2010 – Nokia Siemens Networks has launched a new software platform. The platform lets operators provide live, recorded or video-on-demand TV to mobile phone, internet-connected computer, satellite or digital terrestrial television screens.
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Ketchikan Public Utilities offers customers a whole new IPTV experience
Mar 4, 2010 – Alaska's Ketchikan Public Utilities (KPU) has recently implemented Nokia Siemens Networks' IPTV platform, which offers a host of interactivity and customization options, and enables the quick and easy integration of third-party applications.
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