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Weighted average TV panel shipped exceeds 50" for the first time
Jul 24, 2023 – Research from Omdia indicates that, for the first time, the monthly LCD TV display shipment weighted average size has surpassed 50", as panel makers shift to larger sizes.
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Large-area LCD shipments expected to decrease 3.2% in 2023
Jul 5, 2023 – Large-area LCD shipments are expected to exhibit negative growth of -3.2% YoY in 2023 owing to slower demand and panel makers' utilization management, according to Omdia.
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Semiconductor market extends record decline into fifth quarter
Jun 28, 2023 – According to Omdia, the semiconductor market declined in revenue for a fifth straight quarter in Q1 2023, the longest period of decline since Omdia began tracking the market in 2002.
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FAST revenues in Eastern Europe set to reach $42m by 2028
Jun 5, 2023 – The Central and Eastern European (CEE) market is on track to reach $42m in FAST revenues by 2028 according to Omdia. CEE joins a buoyant market currently dominated by the US.
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MENA online video ad revenue to more than double to $2.3bn in 2027
May 22, 2023 – The online video advertising market in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region will more than double to reach $2.3bn in 2027 according to the latest research from Omdia.
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Omdia reveals market is favoring China panel makers
May 16, 2023 – Competition from China’s top tier TV makers is on the rise with TCL and Hisense accounting for 24% of TV panel purchases in 1Q23, up from 22% in 2022, and higher than the historical average of 19%.
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Global FAST channel revenue to reach $6.3bn in 2023
Apr 20, 2023 – Free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels will generate revenues of $6.3bn in 2023 according to Omdia. With the largest market, 80% of revenue is expected from the US.
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Digital consumer services market to be worth $513bn by 2027
Apr 11, 2023 – Although smaller than established telco services, Omdia expects non-traditional markets to be worth $513bn by 2027, with the two biggest being digital gaming and online video.
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Games revenue to reach $215bn by 2027 overtaking Pay TV and cinema
Mar 29, 2023 – Omdia research has revealed global consumer spend on games is set to reach $215bn by 2027. The transmedia space continues to expand as more videogame franchises make their way to the large and small screen.
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