Digital TV News: Peter Siebert

DVB to showcase DVB-I at IBC 2019
Sep 10, 2019 – DVB has announced that at IBC it will present the world's first demonstration of linear TV services using the DVB-I solution, which relies on internet-based access and streaming mechanisms alongside classical broadcasting techniques.
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DVB demonstrates UHD and mobile over DVB-T2 at BroadcastAsia
Jun 16, 2014 – This year at Broadcast Asia, visitors to the DVB stand can witness DVB-T2 being used to deliver a wide range of resolutions from UHD down to the smaller screen resolutions for mobile devices including smartphones.
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DVB Steering Board approves DVB-S2X
Feb 27, 2014 – DVB has approved new extensions to the DVB-S2 standard. The new enhanced specification, known as DVB-S2X, offers spectral efficiency gains for professional applications by up to 20-30% and for some scenarios, gains of up to 50% can be achieved.
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DVB Steering Board Ratifies GSE-LITE Specification
Nov 20, 2013 – The DVB Steering Board has retified its new DVB-GSE-Lite specification. The DVB-GSE protocol allows for efficient encapsulation of IP and other network layer packets over the second generation DVB physical layer specifications.
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DVB unveils features of forthcoming DVB-CI Plus specification
Sep 13, 2013 – At IBC, DVB will unveil its work incorporating the latest version of CI Plus Extensions (V1.4) into the forthcoming DVB-CI Plus specification. The upcoming standard will enable IPTV to be delivered directly to the TV, without the need for a set-top box.
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DVB approves Next Generation Handheld Specification
Oct 31, 2012 – DVB has announced that at its 72nd Steering Board meeting, approval was given to a new specification - DVB-NGH (Next Generation Handheld). Based on DVB-T2, there are many improvements and extensions in NGH to aid mobile and portable reception.
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DVB at ANGA Cable 2012
May 30, 2012 – At this year's ANGA Cable, DVB will be exhibiting with ANGA. There will be a DVB-T2 demo received on a Vestel iDTV and Vestel set-top box and a DVB-C2 cable transmission received on a Sony DVB-C2 iDTV and DVB-C2 evaluation board.
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DVB-C2 milestone at ANGA Cable 2011
Apr 26, 2011 – Visitors to this year's ANGA Cable will be able to see a DVB-C2 service received on the world's first-ever DVB-C2 prototype, IDTV TV with DVB-C2 tuner, from a leading brand CE manufacturer.
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DVB approves DVB-RCS2 specification
Mar 14, 2011 – DVB has approved the first two of three DVB-RCS2 specifications for the 2nd generation DVB interactive satellite system. DVB-RCS2 is natively developed for IP services and is specified for interactive satellite services in several market segments.
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