Digital TV News: Julien Signes

Envivio Puts HD in Palm of Your Hand with Support for New iPhone 4
Jun 29, 2010 – Envivio has announced that its 4Caster™ C42 encoding/transcoding platform, now offers high definition (HD) video support to the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 4, taking maximum advantage of the device's capabilities.
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Seans Media Builds India's First H.264-Based Cable Service
Jun 16, 2010 – Envivio has announced that Seans Media has used an Envivio video head-end to launch India's first digital cable service featuring high-efficiency H.264 video encoding.
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Chunghwa Telecom Chooses Envivio to Drive iPhone, 3GPP Mobile TV Service
Jun 15, 2010 – Envivio has announced that N-Type, a systems integrator in Taiwan, is deploying an Envivio Mobile TV Headend that will enhance the capabilities of Taiwan's largest telecommunications company, Chunghwa Telecom (TAIEX: 2412, NYSE: CHT).
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Envivio Three Screens Solution Key to Delivering 3G Mobile TV Across China
Mar 22, 2010 – Envivio has announced that its Three Screens solution based on the 4Caster™ C4 encoding system has been used to launch four new 3G-based Mobile TV implementations across China.
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Envivio Announces Mobile TV Delivery Solution for iPhone OS 3.0
Jun 8, 2009 – Envivio has announced iLiveTV™ - the complete mobile video encoding and distribution solution for evaluating, developing and deploying Live and On Demand TV video services for the iPhone.
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Guangzhou Digital Media uses Envivio Headend for first Mediaroom cable service
Mar 23, 2009 – Envivio has announced that its 4Caster C4 has been selected by Guangzhou Digital Media Group to provide the video encoding for China's first Interactive TV service based on the Microsoft Mediaroom platform.
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Türk Telekom Selects Envivio Encoding Platform for IPTV Service Launch
Mar 17, 2009 – Envivio has announced that its Convergence Series video headend has been selected for Türk Telekom's IPTV project in Turkey. Türk Telekom will use Envivio encoders and NMS to deliver an extensive line-up of SD and HD channels for its IPTV service.
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RingNett to Expand IPTV Service Reach With Envivio MPEG-4 AVC Encoding Solution
Dec 20, 2007 – Envivio has announced that it is providing a Convergence Generation™ video headend to Norwegian ISP RingNett AS to enable the roll out of its Digital-TV IPTV service across its ADSL2+ infrastructure.
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TUÅ  TELEKOM Selects Envivio Convergence Encoding Solution to Deliver IPTV Services
Dec 18, 2007 – Envivio has announced that it is providing a Convergence Generation™ video headend for TUÅ  TELEKOM's live standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) IPTV services in Slovenia.
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