Digital TV News: On2

C2 Microsystems Announces CC1200 Full HD Media Processor device family
Nov 4, 2009 – Addressing emerging CE applications and the increasing demand for high-definition content, C2 Microsystems has introduced the CC1200 Full HD Media Processor family for broadband-connected set-top box and digital TV applications.
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On2 Releases Hantro Multiformat Hardware Decoder with On2 VP6 Support
Oct 8, 2009 – On2 Technologies (NYSE Amex: ONT) has announced that it has released its new flagship hardware video decoder design, the Hantro™ 9190. The 9190 is the tenth generation of the Hantro line of decoders.
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On2 Technologies Licenses VP6 Video Decoder Technology to videantis
Sep 22, 2009 – On2 Technologies (NYSE Amex: ONT) has announced that videantis has licensed its VP6 video decoder source code for implementation in the videantis v-MPx programmable processor platform.
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On2 takes licence to produce DivX IP Video cores
Sep 15, 2009 – DivX (Nasdaq: DIVX) and On2 Technologies Finland have announced a license agreement for DivX® technology. The agreement enables On2 to develop hardware-based semiconductor IP video cores capable of decoding high quality DivX Home Theater video.
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Google to Acquire On2 Technologies
Aug 5, 2009 – On2 Technologies (NYSE Amex: ONT) and Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) have jointly announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Google will acquire On2, a leading developer of video compression technology.
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On2 Technologies Introduces Hantro 9170 HD Video Decoder
Apr 9, 2009 – On2 Technologies (NYSE AMEX:ONT) has announced the availability of its ninth-generation hardware video codec design, the Hantro™ 9170. The design supports video playback up to full HD (1080p) resolution at 60 frames per second (fps) in multiple formats.
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VisualOn Integrates On2 VP6 Video Into Mobile Multimedia Applications
Mar 25, 2009 – On2 Technologies (NYSE Amex: ONT) has announced that it has licensed its On2 VP6® video format and software to VisualOn. VisualOn will optimize and integrate VP6 decoding software into its multimedia application suite for mobile platforms.
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On2 Technologies Announces the Hantro™ 8270 Area and Speed Optimized 1080p Hardware Video Encoder
Feb 16, 2009 – On2 Technologies (NYSE Alternext: ONT) has announced the introduction of its latest hardware design, the Hantro™ 8270 1080p Encoder. The new design supports H.264 Baseline, Main and High Profile video along with 16Mpixel JPEG still images.
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Broadcom Accelerates Flash Based Entertainment for Mobile Phones
Feb 16, 2009 – Broadcom (Nasdaq: BRCM) has announced the integration of the Adobe® Flash® Platform into Broadcom's advanced multimedia processor system-on-a- chip (SoC) solution featuring the company's latest version of VideoCore® mobile multimedia technology.
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