Digital TV News: Exset

Pakistan's InCable selects Exset DMS middleware
Oct 19, 2016 – InCable, one of the largest Pakistani cable providers, has become the latest operator to select Exset in order to create and deploy value add and dynamic advertising services across its digital network.
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RealVU Bangladesh selects Exset value-add ecosystem to increase ARPU
Oct 11, 2016 – Bangladesh DTH platform, RealVU, has selected Exset to create and deploy value-add news and dynamic advertising services. Launched in April this year, RealVU is owned and operated by Beximco Communications.
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Exset creates EPG ad-insertion middleware for emerging markets
May 25, 2016 – With the launch of DMS 5.0 and its underlying technology architecture shift, Exset is now providing a complete value-add ecosystem for operators in emerging markets or markets in digital transition. This includes full set-box integration.
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Exset and Newland target cable operators in Pakistan
May 17, 2016 – Exset has announced that it is now directly selling its Value Added Service DMS ecosystem integrated with Newland set-top boxes to cable operators in Pakistan. DMS adds services over and above video that open up new revenue opportunities for the operators.
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Exset supplies DMS-equipped STBs to Pakistan’s Cable Media Group
Nov 17, 2015 – Exset has announced that it is supplying the latest version of its Value Added Service DMS 4.0 technology to Pakistan cable operator Cable Media Group (CMG). Exset has integrated its middleware with set-top boxes from Gospell to be deployed by CMG.
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Atmaca Elektronik partners with Exset for Turkey
Jul 7, 2015 – Exset has announced that it has partnered with Atmaca Electronik, owners of the 'Sunny' brand in Turkey. The partnership is designed to deploy Exset’s DMS 2.0 in the country as it moves along the path towards digitisation.
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Exset DMS integrated with DTV Research STBs
Feb 26, 2015 – Exset has announced that its DMS 2.0 value-add service solution is now fully integrated with DTV Research’s set-top technology, making DMS 2.0 available to already-deployed boxes. DTV Research has millions of set-tops already rolled out in emerging markets.
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Exset launches QR Code TV app for return path purchase in unconnected homes
Sep 30, 2014 – Exset has announced the launch of a TV-based QR code app. The app provides a return path for the disconnected home by allowing advertisers to place a code in their TV advert which can be scanned by the subscriber's smartphone or tablet.
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Donex to embed Exset Digital Monetization System in STBs for India
Oct 25, 2013 – Exset has announced a cooperation with Donex Industries for the production of set-top boxes for the Indian cable TV market. Under the agreement, Donex will manufacture STBs embedded with Exset’s Digital Monetization System (DMS).
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