Digital TV News: Innovative Systems

Sierra Nevada Communications selects Innovative Systems' middleware
Feb 27, 2020 – Sierra Nevada Communications is in the process of converting its legacy cable TV systems to video middleware provided by Innovative Systems. The company plans to migrate from its analog platform to provide an improved experience for their customers.
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Telenor deploys pay TV system from ADB
Sep 13, 2019 – ADB has announced that Telenor has started to deploy ADB’s graphyne2 pay TV system to all subscribers connected to Telenor’s Cable and IP network. graphyne includes an ADB-designed Service Delivery Platform as well as client software.
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CANAL+ Poland selects ADB UHD satellite solution
Sep 12, 2019 – ADB has announced that CANAL+ Platform has selected its UHD satellite solution to provide subscribers with advanced TV services in 4K. The solution provides features like multiple recordings, fast channel change and access to multi VOD libraries.
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Indiana's ETC upgrades IPTV with Innovative Systems
Sep 17, 2018 – Serving ten counties in Southeastern Indiana, Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) has chosen Innovative Systems as their new IPTV middleware vendor.
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St. John Telco using IPTV middleware from Innovative Systems
Aug 2, 2018 – Covering a 250 square mile area of Washington state south of Spokane, St. John Telco is replacing their Cable TV system with IPTV using the Innovative Systems IPTV Middleware for the customer experience.
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SmartLabs to supply UHD STBs to the USA
Oct 24, 2017 – SmartLabs has announced that it will deliver to Innovative Systems its SML-5112W STBs with RDK support. The two companies have worked closely together to develop a device to address the evolving needs of US service providers.
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G-Tel switches to Innovative Systems IPTV middleware service
Oct 5, 2017 – As G-Tel presses forward with its fiber expansion into new areas of the Hudson River Valley of New York, the decision has been made to switch to the Innovative Systems IPTV Middleware service.
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NY telco DTC adopts Innovative Systems' IPTV Middleware
Aug 9, 2017 – DTC General Manager Jason Miller stated that while their IPTV video service may not be the cheapest, they wanted it to be the best, and for that reason they have converted to the Innovative Systems IPTV Middleware solution.
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MP&W selects Amino for TV hardware
Jul 6, 2017 – Muscatine Power and Water (MP&W) has announced that it has selected Amino to provide IPTV devices to support the Utility’s cable to fiber IPTV migration. Amino will work with middleware provider Innovative Systems on the project.
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