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US operators failing to make the most of customer data
Apr 3, 2019 – Paywizard has announced that a study of major US broadcasters, pay-TV operators, Telcos and OTT service providers has revealed that none are currently making the most of their data to more effectively engage customers and prospects.
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European TV operators are failing to use subscriber data
Oct 3, 2018 – Paywizard has announced a study of European TV providers that reveals that all rank customer experience as a top strategic priority but the vast majority are failing to make effective use of subscriber data and analytics to engage consumers.
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Bonnier Broadcasting chooses Paywizard to manage OTT customer engagement
Sep 24, 2018 – Bonnier Broadcasting has chosen Paywizard for its subscription OTT TV services. Bonnier wanted to create a single customer view (SCV) database to be able to draw on insight from all of its services. Paywizard’s Decision Moments framework uses this data to prompt proactive moves by Bonnier at critical points in the customer journey.
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Paywizard adds Verimatrix QoE data to its subscriber intelligence platform
Sep 6, 2018 – Paywizard has announced that it has partnered with Verimatrix. By tapping into data from Verimatrix Verspective RT QoE updates, Paywizard will enrich the single customer view created by its subscriber intelligence platform, Paywizard Singula.
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Paywizard launches AI-driven subscriber intelligence platform
Aug 23, 2018 – Paywizard has launched Paywizard Singula, a standalone platform that empowers pay-TV operators and OTT providers. The solution utilises subscriber insights and AI to reduce churn, grow APRU and more effectively acquire new customers.
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Paywizard and Diagnal drive targeted real-time multichannel customer engagement
Mar 28, 2018 – Paywizard and Diagnal have announced a partnership that enables pay-TV and over-the-top (OTT) TV operators to take an intelligent, data-driven approach to delivering real-time customer communications and dynamic multichannel marketing campaigns.
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Paywizard and Massive Interactive use analytics to optimise OTT UI
Aug 31, 2017 – Paywizard has announced a partnership with Massive Interactive. The collaboration will enable operators to use rich data insight and predictive analytics to more effectively target subscribers and tailor the UI at the key ‘Decision Moments’ in the customer journey.
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Paywizard integrates with Cisco's Infinite Video Platform
Apr 24, 2017 – Paywizard has announced that Cisco has welcomed the company as the latest vendor to integrate its solution into Cisco’s Infinite Video Platform, which enables broadcast-quality video on any device.
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Paywizard and Genius Digital join forces to deliver pay TV customer insights
Apr 5, 2017 – Paywizard and Genius Digital have announced a partnership that combines Genius Digital’s access to data on consumer viewing habits, with Paywizard’s data on subscriber decision-making and transactional behaviour.
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