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Irdeto, MStar, SMIT, TP Vision and Rabbit Labs support CI Plus 2.0 USB form factor
Sep 14, 2017 – Irdeto has announced a partnership with MStar Semiconductor and SMIT Holdings to offer a CI Plus 2.0 USB CAM with Irdeto Cloaked CA to operators globally. TV manufacturer TP Vision and DVB-CI test tool and software provider, Rabbit Labs are also supporting the partnership.
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SMiT and Verimatrix present IPTV solution based on CI+ 1.4 at IBC 2014
Sep 13, 2014 – SMiT and Verimatrix has announced a joint demonstration at IBC 2014. The demonstration is based on the new features of CI+1.4 standard, with IP delivery and multi-streams features being leveraged to extend the IP stream routing.
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SMiT develops Dynamic Sentinel Cardless CAM with Viaccess-Orca
Sep 2, 2014 – SMiT has partnered with Viaccess-Orca (VO) to launch a CAM fully integrated with VO's Dynamic Sentinel Cardless solution. SMiT is the first CAM provider to achieve VO certification for Dynamic Sentinel Cardless.
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Viaccess-Orca announces new ecosystem partners for cardless CA system
Aug 20, 2014 – Viaccess-Orca has announced that the company’s Dynamic Sentinel cardless conditional access system (CAS) will be embedded in set-top boxes from Askey Computer and ASTON, as well as conditional access modules from SMiT.
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SMiT achieves Verimatrix advanced CI+ security certification
Jun 17, 2014 – SMiT has announcedthat it has achieved Verimatrix certification for its avanced cardless CI+ CAM. SMiT is the first CAM manufacturer to achieve the advanced security level of Verimatrix.
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Samsung & SMIT launch IDTV+CAM with AVG in Vietnam
May 21, 2014 – An Vien Television (AVG), SMIT and Samsung have announced that they are cooperating to provide an IDTV+CAM solution for Vietnam. The solution consists of Samsung's IDTVs, AVG's HDTV programming and SMiT's CAM.
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SMiT, iQIYI and TCL launch DVB+OTT 'Merged Television System'
Mar 18, 2014 – SMiT has announced the joint launch of a 'merged television system' with IQiYi and TCL that integrates internet videos and an interactive watching experience with live high-definition cable programs.
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SMiT develops CAM for BoomTV services in Macedonia
Jan 15, 2014 – SMiT Corporation (SMiT) is working with BoomTV, a brand name of ONE Telecommunication Skopje, a part of Telekom Slovenije Group, to release a Viaccess CAM for subscribers in Macedonia.
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SMiT launches Irdeto CI+ 1.3 CAM for My-HD
Jan 9, 2014 – SMiT has announced the successful launch of the Irdeto CI + 1.3 Unified Client CAM to the MENA market, only on My-HD. The Unified Client CAM has been integrated with both Cloaked CA and Softcell.
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