Digital TV News: Alex Borland

Donex to embed Exset Digital Monetization System in STBs for India
Oct 25, 2013 – Exset has announced a cooperation with Donex Industries for the production of set-top boxes for the Indian cable TV market. Under the agreement, Donex will manufacture STBs embedded with Exset’s Digital Monetization System (DMS).
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ITP to add cloud-based billing to Exset Digital Monetization System
Oct 4, 2013 – Exset and ITP Software India have entered into a strategic partnership. As a part of this partner association between the companies, Exset's Digital Monetization System (DMS) will be integrated with ITP's cloud-based billing and CRM solutions.
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Exset and MStar cooperate on set-top box design for emerging markets
Sep 30, 2013 – Exset has announced a cooperation with MStar to create a semiconductor and software platform for Exset's Digital Monetization System (DMS). DMS is Exset's model that makes pay-TV self-financing without depending exclusively on subscriber fees for revenue.
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Exset Advances Cambodian STB Services with Hyundai Digital Technology
Sep 11, 2012 – Exset has selected Hyundai Digital Technology (HDT) as its STB strategic partner, where HDT is presently providing MPEG4 Set-Top-Boxes (STBs) for One TV, the first nationwide digital terrestrial TV platform service in Cambodia.
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Royal Media Entertainment selects Exset Conditional Access and Middleware for DTT
Mar 5, 2012 – Exset has been selected as the CAS and Middleware provider by the Royal Media Group for its DTT platform. The platform is a Cambodian DTT service planned to have more than a hundred linear and non-linear services and channels.
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IPTV operator Telefónica del Sur grows with Latens
Nov 4, 2009 – Latens has announced that Telefónica del Sur (Telsur) has over 25,000 IPTV subscribers. Latens software only Conditional Access (CAS) is integrated with Telsur's IPTV partners including Minerva for middleware and set top boxes from Amino.
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Latens and Pixsan Integrate MHEG-5 open standards middleware platform
Mar 18, 2009 – Latens has partnered with Pixsan to provide an MHEG-5 middleware solution for cable operators. Demonstrated at Convergence India 2009, Latens and Pixsan offer a client solution of software-only Conditional Access (CAS) and MHEG-5 based middleware.
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Conexant and Latens Team to Increase Security and Lower Costs for Pay-TV Operators
Mar 12, 2008 – Conexant Systems (NASDAQ: CNXT) and Latens have announced that they have joined forces to increase security and lower costs for satellite, cable, and digital terrestrial pay television broadcast network operators.
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