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Varnish, Intel and Supermicro achieve streaming throughput record
Feb 22, 2023 – Varnish Software, with Intel and Supermicro, has announced new content delivery milestones having achieved over 1.3 Tbps throughput on a single Edge server consuming 1,120 watts, resulting in 1.17 Gbps per Watt.
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Creonic launches additional DVB-S2X IP cores
Apr 28, 2017 – Creonic has announced the launch of multiple IP cores for wideband satellite communication, satisfying current and future requirements of nanosatellites as well as high-throughput satellites (HTS).
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ST launches HDMI signal-conditioning and protection ICs
Jan 20, 2015 – STMicroelectronics has launched HDMI protection ICs, designed for 4K Ultra-HD data rates. The HDMI2C1 series feature active pull-ups on all DDC lines to maintain Ultra-HD signal integrity and minimize dependence on HDMI cable quality.
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Pace Picks Up Speed in Indian Cable Market
Aug 31, 2012 – Pace (LSE: PIC) has announced that its software, conditional access and set-top box solution has been selected by Indian cable operators, Delhi Distribution Company (DDC), Faction Digital, and New Delhi and Kozhikode Cablecommunicators (KCL).
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Latens Announce Agreements with Multiple Key Indian Operators at Convergence India 2012
Mar 23, 2012 – Latens (LSE: PIC) has announced that, since the start of 2012, agreements have been signed with four key regional operators in the Indian Cable Pay TV market. These operators include DDC, Faction Digital, Maury Diginet and RVR Infrastructures.
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More than 10% of US and Japanese households will be '3D enabled' by 2012
May 8, 2009 – A newly-released report from Futuresource Consulting reveals studios, consumer electronics companies, broadcasters, video game vendors and network operators are all poised to power 3D through the consumer diffusion curve.
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