Digital TV News: Eli Lubitch offers Beamr Content-Adaptive Bitrate service in the Cloud
Jun 8, 2020 – is to offer Beamr's Content-Adaptive Bitrate encoding technology to its customers. The service will be added to's suite of microservices for powering file-based VOD workflows in the cloud.
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Beamr shows live 8K HEVC software encoding on a single AMD EPYC processor
Sep 12, 2019 – Beamr has announced, with AMD (NASDAQ: AMD), that it has used Beamr 5, operating on a single socket AMD EPYC 7742 processor, to encode 79 frames per second in real-time at 8K resolution and with 10-bit color required for HDR.
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CHILI CINEMA turns to Beamr Optimizer to reduce bitrate
Sep 12, 2017 – Beamr Imaging has announced that CHILI will be optimizing their entire video library using Beamr Optimizer for more than 1 million subscribers in the UK, Poland, Germany and Austria, in addition to its home country of Italy.
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Beamr upgrades HEVC content-adaptive software encoder
Apr 18, 2017 – Beamr Imaging has announces the commercial implementation of a quality driven content-adaptive HEVC software encoder, Beamr 5x. This product produces encodes that are up to 50% smaller than Beamr's HEVC software encoder, Beamr 5.
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M-GO adopts Beamr Video streaming bitrate reduction
Jan 5, 2015 – Beamr and M-GO have announced that M-GO is using Beamr Video for the company’s streaming service. Beamr Video automatically reduces the bitrate of any H.264 or HEVC HD and 4K video stream by up to 50% while retaining the perceptual quality and format of the original file.
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