Digital TV News: Martin Bergenwall

HiSilicon selects Inside Secure for secrets provisioning during manufacturing
Feb 27, 2019 – Inside Secure (Paris: INSD) has announced that HiSilicon has selected the Inside Secure Provisioning Platform. The platform enables HiSilicon and its customers to securely provision secrets to their products during manufacturing and throughout the device life cycle.
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Inside Secure debuts software-only HDCP 2.3 solution
Jan 7, 2019 – Inside Secure (Paris:INSD) has announced that it now offers the first software-only High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) 2.3 solution. The software is available as a complete package for HDCP 2.3.
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MStar 4K Ultra HD platform integrates INSIDE Secure security IP
Sep 10, 2015 – INSIDE Secure (Paris:INSD) has announced that it is providing a cryptography engine to allow MStar Semiconductor to comply with the most stringent requirements for content protection on its new 4K Ultra HD platform.
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INSIDE Secure first with TEE and SCP security components on an ARM platform
Sep 9, 2015 – INSIDE Secure (Paris:INSD) has announced the launch of DRM Fusion Embedded Agent for HD/UHD for consumer electronics manufacturers and system on chip (SOC) makers, and DRM Fusion Downloadable Agent for HD/UHD for video service providers.
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Keepixo and INSIDE Secure complete Microsoft PlayReady integration
Sep 8, 2015 – Keepixo and INSIDE Secure have announced the successful completion of Microsoft PlayReady integration to secure end-to-end delivery of HEVC content. The solution is being deployed by a North American operator.
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Parrot licenses INSIDE Secure content protection for Automotive Media Center
Apr 27, 2015 – INSIDE Secure (Paris: INSD) has announce that Parrot has licensed its HDCP technology to protect its Automotive Media Center. The software will provide protection of media content in the car, whether on embedded displays or CE devices.
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Inside Secure chosen by SFR For mobile device content protection
Feb 12, 2015 – INSIDE Secure (Paris: INSD) has announced that French telecom operator SFR has signed a license to use INSIDE Secure’s downloadable DRM Fusion™ Agent software to protect the delivery of premium content for a new over-the-top subscription VOD service in France.
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U-NEXT selects INSIDE Secure DRM for Android and iOS devices
Oct 2, 2014 – INSIDE Secure has announced that U-NEXT, one of Japan’s largest providers of video, movie and animated content, has selected INSIDE’s Downloadable DRM Fusion product for content protection on Android and iOS based devices.
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Sep 8, 2014 – and INSIDE Secure have announced that they have launched a reference Encrypted Media Extension (EME) implementation on’s Iris HTML5 OS middleware application.
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