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92% of streamers not fully satisfied with product analytics tools
Nov 15, 2023 – NPAW has released survey findings that reveal that 92% of streaming providers are not fully satisfied with the third-party tools they use to measure product success.
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Axinom streaming backend integrates Evergent customer monetization
Nov 7, 2023 – Evergent has announced a collaboration with Axinom to integrate Axinom's customizable backend platform with the capabilities of Evergent's flexible monetization.
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Edgio adds FAST channel syndication via Wurl
Nov 7, 2023 – Edgio has partnered with Wurl to enable Edgio customers generating linear channels, using its Uplynk scheduler UI or APIs, to effortlessly distribute them through Wurl.
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DTG releases D-Book 12.8
Oct 31, 2023 – The DTG has released D-Book 12.8 – the latest update to the technical specification for all digital terrestrial television products and services in the UK market.
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Foxtel announces Hubbl plugin device and Hubbl Glass TV
Oct 26, 2023 – Foxtel has announced Hubbl, bringing together paid and free streaming entertainment via a plug-in device or a Hubbl Glass TV, all based on an entertainment OS backed by Comcast and Sky.
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DVB-TA watermarking test streams now available
Oct 24, 2023 – The DVB Project has released test streams that allow implementers of DVB-TA to test the use of watermarking for signalling the presence of ads or other content replacement opportunities.
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Synamedia powers TDF broadcasts in French overseas territories
Oct 25, 2023 – TDF has selected Synamedia's vDCM for the video processing of France Televisions' five national channels, plus Outre-mer La Première and Arte, across French overseas territories.
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Avanci launches streaming video patent licensing platform
Oct 18, 2023 – Avanci has launched Avanci Video, a platform aiming to reduce the complexity of patent licensing by providing a single license encompassing AV1, H.265 (HEVC), H.266 (VVC), MPEG-DASH and VP9.
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Canoe, DIRECTV and DISH expand addressable advertising to satellite
Oct 17, 2023 – Canoe Ventures has partnered with DIRECTV Advertising and DISH Media to expand its addressable advertising footprint to satellite. AMC Networks and Warner Brothers Discovery are inaugural partners.
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