Digital TV News: Proximus

Proximus to upgrade ATEME video headend
Jan 10, 2017 – ATEME has announced that Proximus is upgrading its ATEME based video headend to a TITAN full-software solution in order to reap the benefits of its new features and R&D enhancements.
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Oct 17, 2016 – An Ovum report jointly commissioned by nbn and BT has predicted that new ultra-fast copper technology will be serving nearly 30 million subscriber homes and businesses around the world by 2021.
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Belgium's Proximus adds 167,000 TV subscriptions in 2015
Feb 26, 2016 – Proximus has announced results for 2015. The company ended 2015 with a total TV customer base of 1,759,000, up by 167,000 customers or +10.5% from the prior year.
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Netflix on pay TV benefits operator business
Feb 12, 2016 – IHS (NYSE: IHS) has announced findings from its survey of pay TV providers working with Netflix. The report from IHS found that integrating Netflix into traditional pay TV services has had a net positive impact on these operators’ performance.
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Verimatrix joins Frog by Wyplay
Sep 3, 2015 – Wyplay has announced that Verimatrix has joined the Frog by Wyplay community and that the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS) will be part of the new Frog Turnkey Broadcast/IP bundle on set top box (STB) devices.
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ZappoTV licenses Media Player applications to Proximus
Sep 2, 2015 – ZappoTV has announced that it has licensed its Media Player applications to Proximus offering its customers access to personal media, select content, and Proximus Cloud using the Proximus SwipeBox.
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Proximus releases SwipeBox for sharing photos and videos on the TV screen
Aug 28, 2015 – Proximus has announced the launch of its SwipeBox, a device for 'swiping' photos, videos and music to the TV screen via a smartphone or tablet. The SwipeBox box is connected between the Proximus TV decoder and the TV set over HDMI.
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Wyplay integrates Netflix for Belgium's Proximus TV
Feb 3, 2015 – Wyplay has announced the deployment of Netflix on Proximus TV, Belgacom’s IPTV offering, which will take place over a period of several months. Gradually Proximus TV customers will have direct access to Netflix via their usual menu.
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Cisco and Proximus renew strategic partnership
Jan 8, 2015 – Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) and Belgium's Proximus have announced that they have defined three areas for growth: next-generation video delivery for consumers, smart city services for government organizations and service orchestration for B2B customers.
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