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FreeCast to launch app-less streaming platform in winter 2022
Jul 8, 2022 – FreeCast has revealed that it's working on a content provider side app-free streaming platform. The company aims to create an aggregation point for content from multiple providers but without the need for new hardware or depending on an app-based model.
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FreeCast launches SelectTV Streaming TV Kit in U.S. retailers
Mar 8, 2022 – FreeCast is launching its SelectTV Streaming TV Kit with major retail partnerships. By packaging its online service into a physical device, FreeCast is targeting over 150 million potential customers who have yet to turn to streaming for TV.
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3SS selected by FreeCast for SelectTV multiscreen UX
Apr 13, 2021 – 3SS has announced that FreeCast has selected the 3READY Product Framework for the UX of its aggregated OTT multiscreen service, SelectTV. The deployment further expands 3SS’ growing footprint in the Americas.
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ROKiT handsets to offer video using FreeCast content aggregation
Mar 26, 2019 – FreeCast has announced a deal with mobile handset manufacturer ROKiT. ROKiT will provide its customers with access to ROK TV, a branded version of FreeCast’s SmartGuide, a library of over 500,000 television episodes, movies, streaming channels, live events, music videos, and more.
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FreeCast shows aggregation UI and broadcast platform at CES2018
Jan 9, 2018 – At CES, FreeCast is bringing a renewed focus on the user interface. The company's SmartGuide delivers to consumers all of the world's entertainment content, on all of their devices, all on one account.
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Freecast unveils hybrid-DTT Android box for the US
Aug 10, 2017 – FreeCast has unveiled its set-top box, which the company envisions as a low-cost replacement not just for the cable box, but expensive cable and satellite TV service. Dubbed OneBox, the Android-based device will boast hardware specs comparable to those of a modern quad-core PC.
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FreeCast to offer OTA TV via its ATSC 3.0 STB
Apr 25, 2017 – With the ATSC 3.0 standard, FreeCast plans to offer hundreds of TV networks, including pay channels, over-the-air. FreeCast's upcoming ONE set top box will play a key role, adding crucial elements of the current pay-TV experience to the broadcast lineup.
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FreeCast Select TV STB to be unveiled at CES 2016
Jan 5, 2016 – FreeCast will be featured at the ShowStoppers press event during this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where the company will unveil its set top box, due to hit big box retailers early this year.
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Rabbit TV to distribute free HDTV antennas
Oct 23, 2014 – FreeCast has announced a giveaway of free HDTV antennas, as part of its U.S. Rabbit TV service. The addition of the antenna adds live news, sports, and other local programming as well as broadcast networks, to its VOD library, and à la carte options.
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