Digital TV News: Belgacom

ViXS and Wyplay announce Ultra HD 4K and HEVC-Main 10 media gateway solution
Jan 2, 2014 – ViXS Systems (TSX: VXS) and Wyplay have announced availability of the home media gateway market's first solution to support Ultra HD 4K content and advanced HEVC 10-bit media processing.
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Belgacom begins roll out of TV Replay catch-up TV service
Nov 13, 2013 – Belgacom has announced the start of a test phase for its TV Replay service, which allows its TV customers to watch programs up to 36 hours after they've been broadcast, on their TV, computer, tablet or smartphone.
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Wyplay media gateway software running on ViXS XCode
Sep 13, 2013 – ViXS (TSX: VXS) has announced that their partnership with Wyplay has led to the development of an open platform for operator media gateways, customisable to have a look and feel based on the operator's unique requirements.
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AirTies endorses Frog by Wyplay open source initiative
Sep 10, 2013 – AirTies has announced that it is to collaborate with Wyplay in support of the Frog by Wyplay initiative. The initiative provides access to full source code including: client device middleware, backend add-ons and companion applications.
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Wyplay middleware to go open-source
Sep 5, 2013 – Wyplay has announced Frog by Wyplay, an initiative aiming to free all actors in the TV ecosystem from being locked into proprietary solutions. Thanks to Frog by Wyplay, the full source code of Wyplay's set-top box middleware and backend add-ons will be accessible free of charge.
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Technicolor selected by Belgacom for next generation ultra-broadband Gateway
Jun 19, 2013 – Technicolor (Paris:TCH) has announced that it has been selected to supply Belgacom, the leading telecommunications company in Belgium, for its next generation 'BBOX3', to roll-out smart home services over its ultra-broadband network.
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Belgacom introduces smaller IPTV set-top box
Jun 11, 2013 – Belgacom has announced teh introduction of new modem,TV decoder, and Wi-Fi Bridge. The decoder is smaller, three times more powerful, and twice as energy efficient as the previous version.
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Nokia Siemens Networks closes the sale of Belgacom related IPTV assets
Oct 2, 2012 – Nokia Siemens Networks has closed the sale of its Belgacom related IPTV assets to Belgacom. The divestment is part of Nokia Siemens Networks' strategy to focus on mobile broadband and services.
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Belgacom Deploys Wyplay Software on Its TV Set-Top Boxes
Sep 7, 2012 – Wyplay has announced that Belgacom has updated its installed base of TV Set-Top Boxes (STBs) with Wyplay's latest generation software.
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