Digital TV News: CJ HelloVision

Alticast to secure 4K UHD content on Windows
Apr 12, 2017 – Alticast has announced that it has extended the security capabilities of the Alticast AltiProtect product to 4K UHD content running on Windows platforms. Alticast has integrated Intel SGX into its Multi-DRM product.
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CJ Hellovision migrates legacy STBs to Alticast CA
Dec 15, 2016 – Alticast has announced that CJ Hellovision has completed the largest overhaul of a content security system using Alticast’s AltiProtect download and replace conditional access solution.
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Pay TV operators to add 200 million subscribers by 2020
Oct 8, 2015 – Pay TV subscriptions for 338 operators across 89 countries will increase by 200 million from a collective 704 million in 2014 to 904 million by 2020, according to a report from Digital TV Research. The report estimates that 29 operators had more than 5 million paying subs by end-2014.
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Pay TV operators progress in Asia Pacific
Sep 23, 2015 – Despite economic growth concerns, pay TV subscriptions for Asia Pacific’s top 68 operators will increase by 74% from a collective 376 million in 2014 to 535 million by 2020, according to Digital TV Research.
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Alticast to provide security for CJ Hellovision Ultra HD service
Mar 27, 2015 – Alticast has announced that it has been selected to provide the security for the rollout of Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) video services by CJ Hellovision, South Korea's largest cable television operator.
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Humax Enters Residential Gateway Market
Jul 9, 2012 – Humax (115160.KQ) has announced that the company has become the largest shareholder of MMC Technology, a residential gateway provider. Humax hopes to use MMC Technology expertise to expand its presence in the U.S. residential gateway market.
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CJ HelloVision Delivers 'Content Everywhere' with Samsung Smart TV
Jul 25, 2011 – CJ HelloVision, Korea's largest cable provider, has announced that it will provide its 'tving' application for Samsung (KRX: 005930, 005935; LSE: SMSN, SMSD) Smart TVs. The 'tving' smart TV service will start at the end of August.
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CJ HelloVision and HCN plan 3D TV in Korea
Jan 13, 2010 – Following on from the announcement from SkyLife that it will be launching 3D TV in Korea, cable TV companies CJ HelloVision and HCN have said that they will start trial 3D broadcasts sometime during the latter half of this year.
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CJ Hellovision to Launch Alticast-enabled HD-PVR Service First in Korea
Nov 19, 2008 – CJ Hellovision, one of the largest cable operators in Korea, has announced that it has successfully launched its Alticast-based OCAP HD-PVR service in Korea.
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