Digital TV News: CryptoGuard

Redge Technologies integrates CryptoGuard Multi-DRM
Sep 2, 2021 – Redge Media has been integrated with the CryptoGuard Multi-DRM solution. The latter will provide encryption keys for Redge Media Origin and decryption keys for Content Decryption Modules integrated with Redge Media based end-user applications.
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Towercom selects CryptoGuard CA for DTT pay TV
Feb 16, 2021 – CryptoGuard has announced that Towercom has deployed CryptoGuard CAS to secure its nationwide DTT pay-TV services. Towercom is a privately owned TV and telecommunications operator in Slovakia.
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Baltcom adds CryptoGuard security for cable TV digitisation
Jun 15, 2020 – CryptoGuard has announced that Baltcom has deployed CryptoGuard CAS to secure its digital cable TV services. Baltcom is Latvia's second largest TV and internet service provider with fiber optic coverage across the country.
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CryptoGuard launches Cardless CAM with SMIT
Apr 9, 2019 – SMIT (HKEX: 02239) has announced that they have partnered with CryptoGuard to launch the first CryptoGuard Cardless CAM. Based on SMIT's secure chipset and embedding CI Plus 1.4 and ECP technology, the CAM enables 4K services with Cryptoguard protection.
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Kopernikus selects CryptoGuard to secure new pay-TV offering
Oct 2, 2017 – CryptoGuard has announced that Kopernikus has selected CryptoGuard’s Conditional Access System (CAS) to secure its content revenues. The Serbia based cable TV operator is currently working on digitalisation of its entire network.
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Jamaica's Ready TV selects CryptoGuard for content security
Apr 30, 2017 – Ready TV, Jamaica’s first digital subscription television service has inked a deal with Swedish based CryptoGuard - a content security provider of secure and smart access control systems for digital television.
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NEOTION adds CryptoGuard to CAM portfolio
Jun 6, 2016 – NEOTION has announced the introduction of a CAM certified as compatible with the CryptoGuard Secure and Smart Conditional Access System (CAS) for DVB Pay-TV solution for satellite, terrestrial and cable operators.
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Tanzanian operator CGL chooses CryptoGuard
Sep 8, 2014 – CryptoGuard has announced that Content Generation Ltd (CGL) has decided to implement CryptoGuard CAS and SMS becoming the first Tanzanian operator to use the Swedish security and business systems of CryptoGuard.
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CryptoGuard provides CA and subscriber management to Satcon Africa
Sep 8, 2014 – CryptoGuard has announced a partnership with Satcon regarding two networks in Africa, one in Congo and the other in Gabon. Satcon has decided to use CryptoGuard’s Conditional Access, and also CryptoGuard’s Subscriber Manager System.
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