Digital TV News: Antonio Arcidiacono

WRC-23 retains UHF for broadcasting in ITU Region 1
Dec 15, 2023 – Final agreement at WRC-23 retains broadcasting as the only primary service in the frequency band 470–694 MHz across ITU Region 1 (Europe, Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia).
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5G-MAG joins forces with DVB on the future of TV over 5G
Jan 20, 2022 – The formal liaison agreement between the two organizations to create a Joint Task Force (JTF) will allow DVB and 5G-MAG members to move forward quickly with activities related to the combination of 5G systems with DVB solutions.
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5G-MAG launch puts media in the centre of 5G
Sep 13, 2019 – A 5G Media Action Group (5G-MAG) has been launched to provide a framework for all relevant stakeholders to collaborate on a market driven implementation of 5G in production and distribution of audiovisual media content and services.
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EBU and Eurofins Digital Testing partner on UHDTV standards and logo
Sep 13, 2019 – The European Broadcasting Union has published a set of key distribution parameters (EBU Tech 3372) for UHDTV video and audio. Eurofins Digital Testing has created a certification logo, referencing the EBU specification.
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Prodea shows home connected with Eutelsat SmartLNB
Apr 13, 2015 – Eutelsat (Paris: ETL) and Prodea Systems have unveiled a way for service providers to offer connected TV services to consumers, in Eutelsat’s satellite footprint, using Eutelsat's 'smartLNB' and Prodea's ROS managed services delivery platform.
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Quadrille push VOD integrated with Eutelsat's 'smart LNB'
Mar 10, 2014 – Quadrille has announced that its MConnect Multimedia Push solution has been integrated with Eutelsat’s 'smart LNB' narrowband satellite return channel technology.
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