Digital TV News: Brian Sprague

MaxLinear ships over 10 million DVB-T2 tuners
Nov 3, 2014 – MaxLinear (NYSE: MXL) has announced that it has sold more than 10 million DVB-T2 tuners globally. MaxLinear has seen sales from all markets that use the DVB-T2 standard, including countries in Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa, as well as in Russia.
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MaxLinear introduces ISDB-T USB dongle reference design
Aug 14, 2014 – MaxLinear (NYSE: MXL) has announced that its MxL683 ISDB-T tuner-demodulator is at the heart of a new, low-cost USB dongle reference design that brings digital broadcast high-definition (HD) TV to consumers throughout Latin America.
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ALi launches STB SoC with integrated DVB-T2 demod
Jun 5, 2014 – ALi has announced its latest set-top box SoC, the M3821, with integrated DVB-T2 demodulator. ALi has also announced a solution that combines the M3821 with MaxLinear's MxL608 RF tuner to add protection against 4G/LTE, WiFi and FM signal interference.
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MaxLinear tuner selected for Nuvyyo placeshifting ATSC STB
May 20, 2014 – MaxLinear (NYSE: MXL) has announced that Nuvyyo has selected the MxL603 hybrid tuner for its Tablo HDTV broadcast DVR. Nuvyyo’s Tablo combines the functionality of a DVR with the convenience and mobility of a tablet app.
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MaxLinear and ST show UltraHD HEVC satellite reference design
Apr 3, 2014 – MaxLinear (NYSE: MXL) and STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) have announced a reference design aimed at accelerating the adoption of Ultra HD set-top boxes (STB) and gateways by satellite pay-TV operators.
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MaxLinear digital channel stacking satellite IC deployed in GT-SAT 'DLNB'
Apr 3, 2014 – MaxLinear (NYSE:MXL) has announced that GT-SAT International of Luxembourg has deployed MaxLinear’s Full-Spectrum Capture™ (FSC™) MxL862 in a new digital satellite low-noise block (DLNB) downconverter.
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STMicroelectronics unveils STB initiatives at TVConnect and CCBN
Mar 18, 2014 – STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) has announced a number of STB initiatives. These include the introduction of a 'Liege2' product family, smaller and more power-efficient members of its existing Liege family and a cooperation with MaxLinear.
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Zinwell selects MaxLinear IC for channel-stacking digital ODU
Jan 9, 2014 – MaxLinear (NYSE: MXL) has announced that Zinwell is developing a new satellite digital outdoor (D-ODU) unit using MaxLinear’s MxL865 channel stacking system on chip (SoC).
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MaxLinear enters satellite digital outdoor-unit market
Jan 6, 2014 – MaxLinear (NYSE: MXL) has announced the MxL86x family of 24-channel, Full-Spectrum Capture™ (FSC™) band translation and channel stacking system on chip (SoC) devices for satellite digital outdoor units (ODUs).
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